Do you ever feel guilty of not living your best life? Or living up to the standards you’ve set for yourself? Well, this guilt is a good thing. It means you actually have standards. Whereas some people run their lives blind and unprincipled as animals, running carelessly throughout society. Some of these folk (the more sickly) are even quite happy and blissful in their ignorance.

But if you’re like me, and find your happiness in helping others and bettering yourself, this delusional contentment simply won’t do!

High performers are often hard on themselves, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t happy or satisfied with their accomplishments, they rather find more happiness pursuing such tasks that challenge their excellence, and then credit that performance, than they find in doing tasks they simply enjoy.   

Ask yourself before bed, every-night these 3; Productive Person Prompts:

  1. Did I serve with excellence today? What did I contribute to individual Man, or Mankind?  

(E.g. I made my girlfriend/boyfriend dinner. I published a blog-post that benefits its readers. I helped an old-lady cross the street. I hit the gym so my overall energy will help both me, and others around me. Et cetera.)

If your job doesn’t allow you to serve above and beyond your duties, while looking for a new one you need to see what you can do today, right now, to serve even the worst job with higher standards. 

  1. Where was I fearful? And flawed in my performance, according to my standards of excellence?

(E.g. I argued with my spouse. I was rude to a co-worker. I rushed through my tasks at work. I didn’t eat as healthy as I wanted to. I skipped the gym. Et cetera.)

If you don’t find the time of day to take this simple self inventory or one similar to, you will no doubt fall behind in your potential performance. And end up disappointed in yourself. This is the irony of the comfortable person, where they avoid challenges, to so avoid disappointment. And end up disappointed in themselves for never meeting any challenges to be disappointed by.   

  1.  What systems can I put in place, to better adhere to my set standards of excellence?

(E.g. I scheduled weekly tasks on my calendar. I organized my to do list. I say to myself several times a day “example sentence” which brings me back to the right path. I set reminders on my watch or phone. Et cetera.)

Setting goals is probably about half of the deal, the other half is tracking your progress toward such goals. Not only does visual progress help you achieve a greater understanding of certain subjects, but it motivates you to be consistent in your efforts when those efforts are rewarded by the fulfilment of your curiosity. Great people don’t do great things, because they have set a goal and put it aside, they do such by obsessing about those goals with constant scrutiny (criticism), passionate curiosity (open-mindedness), and magnanimous motivation (discipline). 

“If an internal standard for excellence makes solid performance necessary, then the internal force of curiosity makes it enjoyable.”

-Brendon Burchard’s: High Performance Habits. 

So go and try these three things everyday for at least a week, and then see if your performance doesn’t improve!


Mackenzie Andres.


Founder | Writer 

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