Copywriting 101: Permission Marketing in 2021

Copywriting 101

While I don’t have the government’s permission to operate with the clients I do, that didn’t stop me from writing ads for seven figure businesses. Whose permission I will never get unless I focus on it. And just as I gave myself the permission, so too do these corporate giants we’re about to discuss below. Here are copywriting 101 about permissions you need to develop the perfect content.

And while I haven’t yet the media’s permission to sell my book in big department stores. That didn’t stop me from selling thousands of copies of ‘Strategy for Success’ to real all over the planet.

But let’s take a look at some bigger dogs in the fight. And how they maximized their brand’s recognition and even profits, via permission marketing.

Permission Marketing

To clear things up right off the bat, however, when referencing ‘permission marketing’ I don’t mean Seth Godin’s definition of ‘permission marketing’ seen here. Although he might’ve invented the term, the #1 way to lose email subscribers is still by asking their permission to confirm their email when they’ve already typed it in and signed up… They just signed up and you’re already sending them spam. STOP.

Hence, why it’s nemesis, ‘interruption marketing’ is still so successfull in all industries to this day. For example; hen sending cold emails to prospective clients whose work I know I could make better. Even though they’ve likely never heard of The Block Bard.

They’re surprised by this audacious bastard’s ability to not only have the balls(or whatever you want to call it/them) to message the C.E.O. But the knowledge to find said email, and critique respectfully their company’s campaign, or ad copy. (Key word here is: respectfully. No one is going to work with you after you just told them their ads sucked. Believe me.)

The Bigger Dogs’ Take

When NIKE was just a wee little baby back in the swingin’ 60’s of Oregon, U.S.A., Adidas was already collaborating with FIFA and the Olympics. But that didn’t stop NIKE from honing in on partnerships with personal athletes; the same partnerships we see today, only with of course, different athletes; later to become the biggest sports brand by far.

But what does this have to do with permission marketing? Permission marketing is more or less the manufacturing of consent. And when the NBA banned Michael Jordan’s NIKE Air Force 1’s, they manufactured the consent or hype, for every baller outside of the NBA to buy those shoes. In other words 99% of their market audience.

In even more other words, getting something banned was probably their plan all along. And industries such as marketing and copywriting still remain somewhat underground in business schools because they haven’t created any scarcity/competition via regulation.

 the opponent an edge, so there stood the most experienced. In the back we have the older but still experienced soldiers. Mostly for emergencies and mainly to prevent the green soldiers in the middle (that’s you) from running away in cowardice.


This is just one of the many military examples. That underline the necessity of structures and systems in everything from war to everyday teamwork. War is scary, and even after all that training, the biggest reason people move forward. Keep fighting, isn’t necessarily for their country per se, but for the brothers they’ve made along the way.

As soon as half or less of the brothers (or sisters) will decide it’s not worth fighting, it doesn’t matter what their general, their sovereign, or anyone else in charge says, they are done.


A structure called social influence is the magic at work here. Best described with the old adage ‘if your best friend jumps of a bridge, would you?’ Maybe not, but to blow this philosophically preschool statement out of the water. We need only ask ‘if half of your best friends jumped off a bridge, would you?’

And the best part is we don’t need to wait around for an answer because we already no while most people will say no, studies say differently.

Just like asking people if they truly see more value in a 99 cent item versus a dollar costing one, they will almost always answer no. Yet studies again say differently, otherwise we would have stopped seeing this mass marketing method years ago.

  • The most efficient salespeople have scripts (written with A-class copy).
  • The best surgeons have strict standard procedures.
  • The best bankers have rubrics and bars needing to be met by each person.

You get the point.

Back to copywriting 101; the only time I would say ‘t’hell with systems and structures’ is when performing artistic activities which have been known to call more on the creative side of your brain, than the analytical. Everyone knows the best art, be it music, or movies, are made from a more divine kind of inspiration; which can only come when and once the mind is cleared free from the strict boundaries of reality.

This is that scene in The Dead Poet’s Society where Robbing Williams (RIP) tells his students to rip up the chapter that claims to be the be all end all rubric for poets and writers from the school textbooks.

Thanks for reading my rant

Mackenzie Andres


Founder | Author | Head of Copy


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