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11.215% Decrease in Community Crime Over 3 Years (2016-2019)

The Block Bard’s ‘CRIME DON’T PAY’ Initiative coming soon to a community near you!

Since its implementation in 2016, The Block Bard’s ‘Crime Don’t Pay’ initiative has seen a substantial decrease in reported crime in the community of Ranchlands, Calgary, AB. whereupon it was created. While fighting a steady influx in subsidized family housing, Ranchlands began to start seeing its crime rates sky rocket. This was a growing problem. Cars were being broken into at night, windows smashed, and items stolen. Drugs were coming into the community at such an alarming rate that one of Calgary’s smallest neighbourhoods saw it fitting to sub-contract a private police helicopter and spend a minimum $200 tax-dollars a day on fuel simply circling from above. And as a community cannot by-itself reach out and ask for the help it needs to protect itself, it was up to her citizens to step forward by becoming leaders through example.

The ‘Crime Don’t Pay’ initiative uses one of the World’s most cheapest and successful crime reduction strategies to date. Contagious to every citizen it touches… almost all of the most effective role-models we have are Male, with a past-criminal-history. This is because criminals can relate to criminals, more-so than they can to some white-collared judge who may have never experienced poverty or subsidy in his or her life. They can also understand these struggling citizens (usually younger, but not always) by speaking to them from a place of sympathetic reason, rather than authoritative position. Also since the majority of the crimes committed are by men –and we even believe most of the crimes committed by women are heavily influenced by men,

Men are our target.

(By deterring men from living lives of crime, we can in-turn deter more women, than would we had we focussed our efforts entirely on women, or even both genders).

“If it is man who makes the crime, then it must be man who takes the crime. For man to delay the crime, is not the same as man to pay the crime.” –MLA

  • In 2012, 73.8 percent of all arrestees were males. Males accounted for 80.1 percent of persons arrested for violent crimes and for 62.6 percent of persons arrested for property crimes.
  • Males comprised 88.7 percent of persons arrested for murder and non negligent manslaughter in 2012.
  • Of the total number of persons arrested for drug abuse violations, 79.7 percent were males.
  • Females accounted for 43.1 percent of all persons arrested for larceny-theft offences in 2012.
  • Of persons arrested for aggravated assault in 2012, 22.9 percent were females.



People tend to commit crime for 1 of 2 reasons: #1. They want or need something. #2. They want or need the thrill.

– By giving people the opportunities, education, or both to succeed, and more importantly, the confidence to know that they can succeed; we address #1. – But we don’t just pull people from a lifestyle of jail, poverty, and addiction, (traits that usually coincide with or influence crime) it has to be replaced with something more virtuous, something more whole. And without even noticing we’ve put some of those people directly in the world’s of business and politics, philanthropy and community engagement, et cetera. This addresses #2.


Criminals act with intent, they are careful planners (in most cases) and edgy outside-of-the-box thinkers. In other words, they have spirit. Once that spirit has broken free from its evil let us say chaotic restraints, or chains of adamantine, it is quick to see its past delusions, and then runs with its newly cultivated philosophy of philanthropy (helping others) or something similarly virtuous by nature.


Police don’t stop crime, people do. Police merely intervene once the crime has already been commit. And all the influence that the police do have is surrounding the consequences and repercussions one will receive only after committing such crimes and getting caught… This is no method for crime prevention, a fear-based system will never work in the western-world where freedom is in most cases valued higher than order. And why should it? When one can say something like $%&* the President! and then run for office the next year. We like our freedoms, and if we wish to keep them we should use them responsibly. And teach others how to do so as well.


If you are a lover of the humanities and thus of course, humanity, a spreader of good-news, a business or sales-person, a teacher, tutor, healthcare-worker, philosopher, entrepreneur, art-student, or any other person of studied influence… you may, and likely are, affecting with your everyday speech and actions, the crimes rates of your community.

If you wish to learn more about what you can do, and how to help, give us a shout on my main page, or email us contact@theblockbard.com.


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