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Canada’s First ‘CRIME DON’T PAY™’ Foundation

11.215% Decrease in Community Crime Over 3 Years (2016-2019) The Block Bard’s ‘CRIME DON’T PAY’ Initiative coming soon to a community near you! Since its implementation in 2016, The Block Bard’s ‘Crime Don’t Pay’ initiative has seen a substantial decrease in reported crime in the community of Ranchlands, Calgary, AB. whereupon it was created. While fighting a steady influx in…

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Sarcastic Copy & Luxury Clothing Ads Don’t Click…

After the 2020 Christmas holidays, this women’s fashion E-Commerce client called us in an attempt to increase their daily sales volume, as they had noticed a substantial plateau in their performance. At first, they told me we couldn’t use sarcastic and humorous copywriting for a high-end women’s luxury fashion brand. And it was a journey to start to say the…

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1 Year with The Bards E-Commerce Copy Campaigns

Because they disregard the basics that feed their ROAS, most brands never achieve extremely profitable results. Ad creatives that attract attention, ad language that resonates deeply, an irresistible offer, a clear CTA, and a great landing page are all scenarios one must consider. When we first started working with this company, we spent nearly 14 days working alone on each…

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