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Women’s Boutique Booming

Striking a nerve within the audience we showcase our ads to, by crafting striking copy and pairing that with top tier creatives is the number one way to scale to multiple 5 & 6 figures per month. Right away when we began working with this women’s accessory boutique, we knew we needed to resonate more effectively with her audience. We…

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63% Increase in Sales Closed

While this company wishes to remain anonymous, we can tell you they are a non-profit in the sales and semi-educative industry. Since they need to educate customers to nurture them into understanding the impact of their buy/donation. It was imperative the right language was being used to communicate the benefits of being a part of such a community of givers.…

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500-800% ROAS (Return On Ad Spend)

Candle.WTF an E-Commerce brand and Client of Pinnacle Media Agency’s had TBB write and monitor their latest Facebook Ad campaign. The results were so outstanding we had to publish them here! The Average ROAS, that is if you’re store/website and branding are on par is between 200 – 400% meaning you can expect to earn back at least $2 dollars…

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