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3 Deadly Sins Of Email Marketing…

The 3 Deadly Sins Of Email Marketing 😵 … Email gets a bad wrap. It’s not like any kids are dreaming of becoming an email marketer when they grow up lol If you told your friends you do email marketing for a living, they’d probably give you the ole “damn…

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Join A Community of Pro’s

I had a weird idea. What if you took Netflix, subtracted Friends, The Office, and the Outerbanks… … and replaced it with something that could change thousands of lives, for free? What if you created a season, full of episodes, with actual knowledge that real people could use to change…

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Download My Funnel Marketing Kit for FREE

To sell your courses or coaching these days, all the experts say you need a FUNNEL 🤦 But the problem is… Nobody has the time (or master copywriting skills!) to create all the content that’s required for a successful funnel. It’s frustrating, right? 😞 Spending all that time developing the…

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Stop Running FROM Ads & Start RUNNING ADS. Free Report

Yes, this is an ad. But, unlike most ads. This one isn’t just about selling you something. It’s about GIVING you something. But more on that in a moment… Okay… wanna know the very best way to take your ads manager… And turn it into a majestic place. A place…

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How To Establish And Create A Selling Machine

$5 per lead$50 per application$300 to acquire a client$2k per client per month$24k per year10 clients = $240k per year42 clients = $1,008,000.00 Hello 7 figure business! That’s the math. Now let me show you how we do it. Day in, day out. In over 416 different industries and niches.…

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Download Free Copywriting Bible…

Good luck wasting your time…. if you didn’t straightly jump to learn Copywriting from this copywriting Bible Well friend,I came across this book so late that I regret every penny……I spent on those so-called copywriting books.No kidding.I don’t want to exaggerate much about itBut (it is a big but)I can’t…

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I’d Give Anything To Know How To Finally Rank #1 On Google…

“I’d give anything to know how to finally rank #1 on Google” Let’s not beat around the bush here, amigo. You’ve tried SEO. More than once. It didn’t work… surprise, surprise. And, you’ve had it up to your eyeballs… With lying SEO agency scum bags. Who sold you the world,…

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Recently burned by a bad coach? Read This…

During one of my launches, someone emailed me and said: “I just spent $$$ on a coach whose promises were high and let’s just say I wish I had my money back. I’ve been recently burned again so it’s not the money, but the “when will this work”?” I could…

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Sunday E-mails: Join As An Early Non-Profit Investor!

Hello, and happy Sunday! Name here. We’ve got a lot of awesomeness to cover today, so let’s get right to it. 🤠 First up: We’re still buzzing from Saturday’s (almost 4 hour!!!) live Zoom call sharing the opportunity to join our Brand/Business Name movement as an Early Stage Investor. Check…

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Mackenzie Andres, Founder & Head of Copy at The Block Bard group has written ads in over 27 different industries and put some [100’s] of his personal favourites in the public domain for you and your company to learn what’s working.

Study them, Copy them… The World is Yours


Just make sure to edit them to your industry & audience as any good copywriter would.

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All ads are either written for personal business purposes by me, or taken directly from your competitors. We will NEVER EVER post content we create for our Clients.

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