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I had a weird idea. What if you took Netflix, subtracted Friends, The Office, and the Outerbanks… … and replaced it with something that could change thousands of lives, for free? What if you created a season, full of episodes, with actual knowledge that real people could use to change…

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To sell your courses or coaching these days, all the experts say you need a FUNNEL 🤦 But the problem is… Nobody has the time (or master copywriting skills!) to create all the content that’s required for a successful funnel. It’s frustrating, right? 😞 Spending all that time developing the…

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Stop Running FROM Ads & Start RUNNING ADS. Free Report

Yes, this is an ad. But, unlike most ads. This one isn’t just about selling you something. It’s about GIVING you something. But more on that in a moment… Okay… wanna know the very best way to take your ads manager… And turn it into a majestic place. A place…

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Join My Challenge: Maximize Your Leads

Imagine what you could do with an extra 10, 100, or even 1,000 new leads per day… Imagine what that could DO for your business! Whether you’re selling coaching packages or physical goods, building a MASSIVE list of potential buyers is an important asset for your business. So give me…

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Why You Need A Copywriter NOW

Do you want to know why copywriting is the number one skill that every entrepreneur should have…⁣⁠ ⁣⁠ And why is it one of the highest paid, most in-demand freelance jobs of 2021?⁣⁠ ⁣⁠ It’s because copywriting comes before everything else in business.⁣⁠ ⁣⁠ There, I said it. 🙈⁣⁠ ⁣⁠…

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Get Organic Before Going All-In On Ads

👏🏻Ads are NOT the reason I was able to scale my online program 👏🏻 This is an ad. Ads are great. And I know you’re thinking, “Sunny, if I don’t run ads, how will I grow my audience and sell my course?” My first 10,000 copies were all sold without…

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Join My Challenge and Fire Your Copywriter !

Hey, I’m Mac. ⁣⁣I’m a full-time email copywriter for a range of coaches, entrepreneurs, and health businesses.⁣⁣I write emails for my clients’ lists, and they tend to make a lot of money as a result.⁣⁣The emails are fun to write, and usually take all of 30 minutes to complete.⁣⁣Usually, there’s…

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What You’ll Learn In This Book When You Order Today

⚡ ☂️💸 YES it’s possible to rise to the top of your market with the right Hook. 🔥 Here’s some of the topics you’ll learn from this book: ✅ Chapter 1 shows you why the battleground for attention is becoming more fierce by the second, and how you can set…

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Can You Really Call Yourself A Copywriter

The other day, one of my lovely students posted this in our Facebook group: “Can you call yourself a freelance copywriter if you haven’t actually been paid for work or had anything published?” Another student, Random Name (probably Mike. Mike sounds like a real name), put it like this: ​”I…

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Free Webinar –How Good Are Your Story Openings?

Hi Prospect Name, 👋 Every speaker and writer strives to capture their reader from the first page, gripping them with an opening that won’t let go. To ensnare your readers with your opening, make sure you register for this week’s free webinar on how to start a story. I am…

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Copywriting Tips: How this nervous rookie earned $50,000 from one case study

Back in 2014, I had a client who wanted me to write them a case study. I’d never worked with a company that bred regenerating perennial ryegrass before (don’t even ask). Nor had I’d ever written a case study… So at first, I said no… who the pumpkin-spiced-latte was I…

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Life Coach Going Live: 36 hour warning & surprise Live

We’ll make this really quick Prospect Name. (2 points in 27 seconds) 1. Wanted to warn you that if you’re ready for your next level and are planning on joining YOUR NAME for the INSERT DATE INSERT PROGRAM/SERVICE, it’s getting down to decision time since this offer closes tomorrow. This…

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Wednesday Online Shopping LifeHacks: Thank you, Prospect Name

Happy Wednesday… again! Apparently yesterday my sense of time was so off I thought it was already Wednesday and I shared a Hump Day camel fact with you and the whole bit. For your camel fix, check out yesterday’s newsletter! As for today, we have a pile of goodies like……

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Mackenzie Andres, Founder & Head of Copy at The Block Bard group has written ads in over 27 different industries and put some here in the public domain with his client’s permission for your company to learn what’s working.

Study them, Copy them… The World is YOURS!

Just make sure to edit them to your industry & audience as any good copywriter would.

***Disclaimer Please Read: All ads are either written by me, or taken directly from your competitors. We will NEVER EVER post content we create for our clients.***

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