Meet The Bards

– Mackenzie Andres

The Block Bard

Founder | Head of Copy

I first found a long-lost passion for writing after high-school when my friend handed me Ray Bradbury’s: Fahrenheit 451, after describing in intricate and visual detail a dystopic future in which firemen burnt books instead of douse fires. After Freelancing for a few months on Fiverr and for friends, writing poetry in my pastime, reading history in my downtime, another friend introduced me to the world of Copywriting.

Here was a place where businesses were paying to have people help deliver their message, (in the form of writing!) Needless to say, I was sold instantly, and after a few small rejections I found my first long-term (retainer) client, and have since been sending customers with a happy hand in through the door’s of all my clients, and out through their checkout’s!

“We tailor business needs, till their customers’ buy with ease.”

– Kareem Abdurazag

The Belles-Lettres Bard

Culture & Humanities Writer
Kareem’s Head Squished

Motivated by curiosity, I have always had an urge to fill my cup with knowledge. I first plunged into the world of Plato and Socrates in early high school and it was because of their extremely inquisitive nature and unique approach in questioning all that was around them that further ignited the fire in me. This led me to pursue a degree in Political Science with a minor in Economics which has further expanded my understanding of the complex systems that operate in this world.

Maddie Medina –

The Brilliant Bard

Content Creator | Creative Direction
Maddie’s Smile

Hi! I’m passionate about social media marketing and writing. I’ve worked for multiple companies where I curated social media and blog content. I love all things digital and enjoy editing photos and videos.

Meeting new people and creating genuine connections with others is something I’m also passionate about.
In my spare time, I write for my personal lifestyle blog and recently created a podcast with my husband where we discuss various lifestyle topics. 

– Ahmed Mahmoud

The Busy Bard

Head of Photography |
Ahmed’s Expertise

bio coming soon…