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Wait… Who The Heck Are We?

The Block Bard writing service is a performance-based, copywriting agency that does more than just sales and branding… We speak fluent internet!

That means we create words that get people thinking [WOW], scroll-stopping images, memorable memes and marketing strategies that ensure our other talents don’t get lost in the digital abyss.

Everyone from dental practices to dog toy companies, education providers and dynamic little start-ups work with us to get results.

In fact, we’re proven to help businesses increase their sales from 5 to 6, sometimes 7 figures a month after the first 90 days (See Case-Studies). So, when it comes to targeting that dream customer with performance-based copy and creatives, we’ll take you where you need to go. Meaning you can get back the more important stuff (like inventing the world’s chewiest dog toy).

Why Work With Us?

We’ll handle everything from copy, to creative and consulting. It’s our ability to laser-focus on a specific goal, angle and message that sets us apart.

Some of our Clients

– You need ads tailored to build awareness, tempt more research, convert window shoppers and remind your customers you still have plenty to offer. Sometimes these ads overlap. Sometimes they don’t. One thing’s for sure–at The Block Bard we know the pointiest end of the marketing funnel is long-term customer loyalty. So we’ll always make the most of your budget, and best of your brand.

Many people know the #1 Reason Websites & Ads don’t convert their customers is Sales-Copy

yet they still neglect to hire a professional.

The amount of agencies we’ve worked with who didn’t even have a copywriter in the advertising industry is astounding, and part of what sets us apart when it comes to making the most of your Message and Brand.

With an offer like “Our Ads Will Beat Yours, or Your Money-Back.” our business depends on delivering to yours the most bang for buck, no matter what!

Not sure if it’s for you?

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What’s covered in the consultation?

1. A basic proofreading of your company’s copywriting, sales / lead-funnels, overall brand and advertising strategy + as much advice as we can pack in 15 minutes.

2. A summary of the services and results guaranteed by our “Don’t like it, don’t buy it” motto.

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“Action without planning, has no chance at spanning.”

Andresian Aphorism #190

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