4 Low-Cost Local Social Ad Strategies That Convert Like Crazy

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Birthday & Anniversary Targeting

Let’s begin with copywriting examples; imagine your scrolling Facebook or Instagram, and then all of the sudden your favourite bar pops up as the fourth post to say: “Congratulations, we know your friends forgot, probably your family too, but WE DIDN’T! Have drink on us this year, Happy Birthday!”

*Inserts direct booking form*

Facebook Advertising no longer lets you insert the targeted customers name, and they’re quite strict against any third-party software platforms that do attempt this. However, having an ad celebrate your birthday before it even comes up is pretty cool to say the least. And Facebook still lets you target for birthdays as of October, 2021.

Your DNA will be your data (AD)

Many marketers and businesses will do this themselves or have been for years if the industry fits, as can be seen with so many copywriting examples. This is why the random bar down the street will ask you for your birthday if it ever does; to sell you free stuff in exchange for you keeping them in mind. Not to track you while your eating and sleeping… Like some advertising platforms we know…

Vacation & Location Targeting

Hotels, Restaurants, Events, and Theme-Parks are just a few of the potential places that can profit and take advantage of this wonderful targeting tool that allows you to advertise to people in your area, at a radius (maximum distance) of your choosing.

Think: “Lovin’ Mehico?

C’mon down to the Fire Festival tonight!”

*Insert direct address. or RSVP form if limited spots*

Principles at Play

(Most people simply love local events, yet find them increasingly difficult to attend and keep track of)

Think: “Enjoying Your Stay in Mexico?!

Plaza Resorts wants to offer you 25% off your next stay when you book with us today”

*Insert direct booking form*

Principles at Play

(These kinds of copywriting examples play on the ancient principle of US versus THEM. ‘When you book with us’ builds trust and kills competitive optioning and reason.

This is the democratic politicians favourite influence principle to exploit. We’ve all heard the term in some form or another: ‘If you’re not with me, you’re against me’.

In fact, I think Anakin Skywalker said something similar to Obi-Wan before becoming Darth Vader… )

Variable Hooks

Copywriting examples continue… so your going fishing. You have your tackle-box with your spoons, rapalas, jigs and rigs. This place is filled with fish and you’re allowed to keep as many as you want. Are you going to put one hook in the water? Or three? Or even four? Why not ten? If you know your chances of catching a fish increase with each hook you put in the water why not put a single hook in for every fish you could actually deal with and eat?

Or maybe your new to this fishing hole, and unsure what the lake monsters lurking below are even eating this time of year, so you put in some bait on one hook, a fake worm on another, and maybe a leech on the third. Realizing the leech gets the quickest bites, you might place some more hooks with leeches around that area. And if your fake worm hasn’t taken on any bites in a whole day maybe it’s time to pull it out and call it. But don’t pull it out of the water too quick in case a prize fish or rare species was about to be taken in by the unusual advertisement of worms in leech season.

Same Ad Objective: Multiple Creative Hooks.

‘Ask Me Anything’ Messenger Ad

Think: “If you’re thinking about getting into Facebook advertising

Then you’re probably wondering what to say, what to show, how much does it cost, how does it work?

Click the send message button below and let’s chat, ask me anything.

P.S. Over the past 2 years TBB has had the pleasure of writing thousands of top-performing FB Ads making our clients an average return of 1140%

*Already attached is the Click Message button*

Principles at Play

(Most people don’t know what they’re doing, and they need to know we are here to help.

The Postscript displays authority for cold targeting clients who have never heard of The Block Bard, and thus our reputation)

Think: “If you’re thinking about getting in the BEST SHAPE of YOUR LIFE this season

You might be unsure how to start, where to run, what to lift, and what to eat?

Don’t let this stop you, send me a message personally and I’ll help you achieve your fitness goals and forget those fears.

*Already attached is the Click Message button*

Principles at Play

This mentions the exact fears that 99% of people have when starting their fitness journey. (This is why market research is so important). It directly addresses those fears and makes the promise of helping to overcome them, for FREE.

Now that’s an enticing offer!


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