10 tips to power-up your writing ⚡

Tips and tools to help you write like an expert Writing can be really hard work. Unruly texts escape your attempts to create a logical structure. Topics can overlap so much you can’t tell where one article ends and another begins. And of course, there’s the dreaded writer’s block. How do expert copywriters deal withContinue reading “10 tips to power-up your writing ⚡”

Copywriters: How To Charge 4X More

Drum roll The day has come when I will reveal how exactly you can charge 4X more for your services… All WITHOUT facing any resistance from your prospects. If you remember my last email, I told you that people pay more for two things: Speed Comfort If you find a way to make them thinContinue reading “Copywriters: How To Charge 4X More”

Copywriting 101 – This is kinda weird… but plz read it

You know what they say about people with big socks don’t you, Prospect Name? That’s right. Big feet. The same thing doesn’t apply to big words though. ​If you think using big, scholarly-sounding words in your copy makes you sound super smart… You’ve been told a lie, Prospect Name. A LIE, I tell you! BecauseContinue reading “Copywriting 101 – This is kinda weird… but plz read it”

Opportunity for Copywriters – December

Hey mate! As you may have heard, I’m starting a new case study group for December, looking to take 10 more freelancers to $10k/mo by end of Feb next yr. I’m looking for a few specific people, so if you… Are a freelance copywriter or closer (or wanna learn and become one) Making at leastContinue reading “Opportunity for Copywriters – December”

Writer’s guilt and slimy hairballs…

How do you feel when people say you have have to write every day to be successful? ​Do you: A) Wanna slap them in the face with one of those gross, guinea-pig-sized hairballs you find clogging up the shower tray. 🐹 B) Leap out of bed ready to bust out 9,500 words with the excitementContinue reading “Writer’s guilt and slimy hairballs…”

Free Gift Giveaway – from “Expert Name”: Most Incredible Free Gift EVER…

AH!!! It’s Christmas morning for marketers… and I feel like Santa! Are you ready for this!?! When I first joined “Expert Name’s Community” and went into DEEP studying Expert Name… It was through an offer that Expert Name made called the “_____________” offer. (__________ stands for “______ _________ _______ _______”) I signed up for thisContinue reading “Free Gift Giveaway – from “Expert Name”: Most Incredible Free Gift EVER…”

How To Change Your Reputation: 6 Steps to Becoming the Best YOU

Losers often have the most opinions because it hurts them to see you succeed basically anywhere when they can’t even succeed at a certain thing.

This is why most teachers will laugh when you tell them your going to start a 6 figure business or write a best-selling book, simply because they are spiteful they cannot do it themselves…

BUT… the only reason they can’t, is only because they listened to the people who told them they couldn’t.

Success can be defined as the progressive realization of any worthy ideal.

“Just so long as you can be talked out of yourself, you deserve to be.”
– Alan Watts

Sarcastic Copy & Luxury Clothing Ads Don’t Click…

After the 2020 Christmas holidays, this women’s fashion E-Commerce client called us in an attempt to increase their daily sales volume, as they had noticed a substantial plateau in their performance. At first, they told me we couldn’t use sarcastic and humorous copywriting for a high-end women’s luxury fashion brand. And it was a journeyContinue reading “Sarcastic Copy & Luxury Clothing Ads Don’t Click…”