Amazon FBA Publishing: 16,731+ Copies of “Strategy for Success” Sold in 18 Months! [Direct Advertising]

USD Royalties July 2022

A Simple but Effective Strategy for Success was The Block Bard books™ first attempt at Amazon FBA publishing which released back in January of 2021. Almost 2 years later, and not without our setbacks! We are unveiling the 18 month results of our first Amazon FBA expansion…

Our Predictions

The Block Bard books began with only one product for sale on Amazon FBA. And with a small social media following on our brand page, we didn’t expect to sell many copies of A Simple but Effective Strategy for Success.

In fact, I think the prediction lay around 300 copies sold… if the first quarter was kind…

Our Astonishment

Lo and behold… After the first quarter of 2021, sales had soared passed 500 copies of both E-Book & Print!

We knew this could then be leveraged by paid advertising and decided to run Facebook ads which offered viewers a choice between: e-book? or paperback?

Basically applying the ol’ “small, medium, large”, market psychology on our customers by presenting them a choice.

Which led to its’ viewers establishing a sense of authority; feeling like they were making a decision on something they wanted. Rather than something they were simply being sold.

Our Plans

Andres has said he will be going the traditional route with his next publication to reach a larger audience in physical book stores. Perhaps giving license to an established publisher or partnering with a press agency in a royalty agreement.

He has spoken little about his work in progress except for that it regards human nature and some of his past experiences tied into a ‘trove of historical analyses and social studies’. That it will contain 10X (ten times) as much word and detail as ‘Strategy for Success’, and focus its’ histories and lesson on uncovering almost forgotten insights into human behaviour. All through a series of examples that apply these ancient psychological principles. The principles, once applied in such similar ways, remain practical to modern marketing and leadership practices states Andres.

And as we’ve learned over the years working with clients across a various array of industries, marketing: (selling individuals an idea), and leadership: (gathering individuals to an idea), are timelessly selective skills sure to set you apart in any age.

Today Amazon FBA publishing remains a lucrative way for entry level writers and aspiring authors to get their work in the hands of readers abroad.

Global Amazon FBA Royalties: as of APRIL 2022
Global Royalties Earned
Amazon FBA royalties for “A Simple but Effective Strategy for Success”
USD Amazon FBA Royalties: as of JULY 2022
USD Royalties Earned
Amazon FBA USD royalties for “A Simple but Effective Strategy for Success”
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