How To Change Your Reputation: 6 Steps to Becoming the Best YOU

Losers often have the most opinions because it hurts them to see you succeed basically anywhere when they can’t even succeed at a certain thing.

This is why most teachers will laugh when you tell them your going to start a 6 figure business or write a best-selling book, simply because they are spiteful they cannot do it themselves…

BUT… the only reason they can’t, is only because they listened to the people who told them they couldn’t.

Success can be defined as the progressive realization of any worthy ideal.

“Just so long as you can be talked out of yourself, you deserve to be.”
– Alan Watts

Canada’s First ‘CRIME DON’T PAY™’ Foundation

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Can You Really Call Yourself A Copywriter

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Free Webinar –How Good Are Your Story Openings?

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1 Year with The Bards E-Commerce Copy Campaigns

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Life Coach Going Live: 36 hour warning & surprise Live

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