Live Event Tickets Sales: Description Copy Example

💯 During this Live Event You’ll Discover… ✅ Why 99% of businesses, brands, and marketing professionals are going about social media the wrong way (wasting time and money in the process) ✅ That going viral has more to do with science than luck (and what your content must have to make it happen) ✅ TheContinue reading “Live Event Tickets Sales: Description Copy Example”

Copywriting Course Sales Copy

The Most Thorough Writing Course That Has Ever Been Offered To The PublicBy _________________. Do not buy without reading this section… Hello. Quick intro. My name is Name, Professional writer since Year. $XXX in revenue for my clients, written over 4000 emails, hundreds of ads, sales pages, and SMS messages for some of the biggestContinue reading “Copywriting Course Sales Copy”

Not Email Marketing? Big Mistake! Here’s Why…

Why you’re losing 70% potential revenue if you’re not doing email marketing… Are you not doing email marketing because 90% of people told you it’s dead?Or it’s stupid to spend time/money setting it up because you felt no one reads email?Unfortunately, you’re making a costly mistake!Where you’re making $10k/month and leaving $20k-$50k on the table.Continue reading “Not Email Marketing? Big Mistake! Here’s Why…”

How To Establish And Create A Selling Machine

$5 per lead$50 per application$300 to acquire a client$2k per client per month$24k per year10 clients = $240k per year42 clients = $1,008,000.00 Hello 7 figure business! That’s the math. Now let me show you how we do it. Day in, day out. In over 416 different industries and niches. And have generated $1.33 billionContinue reading “How To Establish And Create A Selling Machine”

Recently burned by a bad coach? Read This…

During one of my launches, someone emailed me and said: “I just spent $$$ on a coach whose promises were high and let’s just say I wish I had my money back. I’ve been recently burned again so it’s not the money, but the “when will this work”?” I could write a thesis on howContinue reading “Recently burned by a bad coach? Read This…”