Not Email Marketing? Big Mistake! Here’s Why…

Why you’re losing 70% potential revenue if you’re not doing email marketing…

Are you not doing email marketing because 90% of people told you it’s dead?
Or it’s stupid to spend time/money setting it up because you felt no one reads email?
Unfortunately, you’re making a costly mistake!
Where you’re making $10k/month and leaving $20k-$50k on the table.


Here’s a fact for you, 90% of revenue us made from the backend (by nurturing the prospects)
In the marketing world, all experts know 50% of the prospects never buy from you… no matter what technique you use…
42.5% of the prospects buy from you in 3-8 months (only if you nurture them)…
AND ONLY 7.5% of the prospects buy from you in 0 – 90 days
That’s a fraction of one-third
Let’s say you got someone’s email, but the thing is YOU NEVER HAD A LIST
You might lose another $2k client, where in 3-8 months they went to your competitors because they forgot you 🙁
Isn’t that a costly mistake?

I have a client making an extra $10k/month in upsells by just sending 5 emails per week to their list of pre-existing customers [Traffic they already own]
Doesn’t that motivate you to start doing email marketing?
You have to!

But here’s a pitfall….
Knowing is Knowing, but how do you write high-converting emails?
Sending out bad emails will burn your list (losing subs….etc)
That’s why I’m looking for 3 businesses to crush their email marketing in coming January 2022 & beyond…. for a 7-days free trial.

Comment ‘10k’ if you’re interested to crush email marketing in coming January 2021 & beyond

Stay driven 👊

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