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~TOF~ (Top of Funnel)

They say if the book you want to read doesn’t exist then you should write it yourself

So that’s exactly what our copywriter and CEO did.

50+ of the world’s best books combined into ‘A Simple but Effective Strategy for Success’

❌ No fluff
🚫 0 Jargon

The ultimate book for busy people

☑️ 10 Single Steps
✅ Timeless Historical Examples for each

Principles written with your time truly in mind.

Pull out your pen and get ready for ‘The Last Self-Help Book You’ll Ever Read’

~MOF~ (Middle of Funnel)

YES you can make money doing what you love!

NO it does not require a five figure debt or degree

🔥 Here’s some of the topics you’ll learn from this book:

✅ Chapter 1 shows you WHY you need to keep moving. And how everything you’ve ever accomplished is a result of you moving forward.

✅ Chapter 2 gives you insights into how passion=power and illustrates examples of how history’s greatest heroes were fierce in their fight towards a mission.

✅ Chapter 3 breaks down the age old dilemma of discipline vs. motivation.

✅ Chapter 4 illustrates and reiterates THE MOST IMPORTANT PRINCIPLE I’ve ever utilized in my writing career and even to this day in life.

✅ Chapter 5 shows you the single BEST way to command immediate trust no matter what business your in. I’ve used this method to close big deals, create high level partnerships, and more.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – “Andres has taught Classics & Religion to Doctors, Law Students, Poli-Scientists, Business Leaders, and most of all Everyday People.
His unprecedented approach in marketing from a social science perspective is what sets him apart in today’s digital age.”

~MOF V2~ (Middle of Funnel: Variation Two)

This our first ad, EVER

Over the past year I’ve been able to scale my writing business using the 10 habits I reveal in this book.

Why sell it for so cheap?

Simple, I make my money helping clients write better ads for the business ✍️

So in reality… my hope is, some might call it far-fetched…but when your business takes off using the strategies (which are really habits) found in this book… you’ll remember The Block Bard…
…and maybe leave us a review 👊
…which helps my royalties,
…which helps my family eat.

Go Grab Yours Today

P.S. And hey, if you don’t like it, let me know. And I’ll personally send you your money back 🤔

~BOF~ (Bottom of Funnel)

Two years ago I was dead broke…


Freelancing for pennies on fiverr while marketers were making mad moula off my copy…

I did what any entrepreneur would.. I started an agency.

But then something happened in the process of writing our first email offer…

I wrote a book that helps people INVEST IN THEIR DREAMS™

What should have been a simple Standard Operating Procedure turned out to be a 10,000+ word manifesto of mind-changing simplicity.

And I say that lightly as a spiritual person…

I knew I had to sell it.

Go Grab Yours Today

P.S. And hey, if you don’t like it, let me know. And I’ll personally send you your money back 🤔

~BOF V1~ (Bottom of Funnel: Variation One)

The Uniform Code of military Justice specifies court-martial for any officer who sends a soldier into battle without a weapon.

And there should be a similar protection for students.

Because students shouldn’t go out into life without an ability to communicate.

Because your success in life will be determined largely by your ability to speak, your ability to write, and the quality of your ideas…

In that order.

When I first started using these habits, which when taken together form A Simple But Effective Strategy For Success, I went from working my ass off for people who could care less if I dropped dead tomorrow to having my work read by hundred of thousands of people every month… And that’s just my memes, blogs and poems…

My Ads, approaches and industry angles have made my clients and followers across The Block Bard’s platforms millions of dollars in their businesses… Selling things you would never in any sober state think you could convince anyone to buy… Like… Ever.

But Strategy for Success doesn’t teach you how to sell shit in a box… (I’m currently working on a book with marketing principles that can be applied to any range of products)

Strategy for Success teaches you how to have your ideas heard by the rest of the world, and give yourself an opportunity to become your best self.

I’ve dedicated at least half of my day every day for the last 3 years to giving away free value…
Everyone asked me why I always did these extra things that made me no money like blogging and poetry, and creating content…

But now we Rank #1 on Google ORGANICALLY (without ads) for social science marketing, or any form of those keywords.

Habits compound over time…
SPECIFICALLY the ones in this book

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll receive inside:

Number #1:
– 10 Strategy for Success habits that have helped me and thousands of others manifest success in their areas of expertise.
I’d put them all here but then you might think you don’t need to read the book to really learn them…

Number #2:
– A super awesome self-help reading list with inspiring books I actually read myself.

Number #3:
– A fiction reading list recommended by me for you to sharpen that imagination of yours the system tried so hard to kill…

All I ask is that you number 1 read the whole thing (I wrote it to grip your attention so there’s no possible way anyone could fall asleep reading it) but also number 2, that you actually implement the habits into your routine so they can begin to compound.

This book is not for people looking to make a quick 100K in a hack or get jacked by hitting the gym twice. Okay?

It’s for people serious about taking action on their dreams.

Guys… The Block Bard’s one-liner is literally WE INVEST IN DREAMS

Don’t send them into the world in rags.
Send them with a proven Strategy For Success.

If this doesn’t help you then I HAVE FAILED,

But you’ve gotta meet me halfway.

P.S. Again, order only if you’re serious about pursuing your dreams and achieving success… I don’t want my face collecting dust on your bookshelf…



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