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Running your own Business? Or maybe you’re just getting it ready for take off?
Whatever it is you sell or do, your time is way too valuable to spend weeks or years learning the in’s and out’s of successful copywriting!

That’s where we come in

After writing hundreds if not thousands of High-Selling Digital Ads, High-Closing Sales-Letters, Brand Building Website Copy, Engaging One-Liners, and MORE…

We’ve made it our mission to increase the Voice, Presence, Influence, and most of all, Sales, of company’s like yours whose messages we wholeheartedly believe in.

While a Copywriter and Freelancer for Marketing Agencies, we’ve decided to branch out personally to build our team of professionals, so we can help more clients in need of specifically; Sales Copy.

We at The Block Bard believe in putting passion over paychecks. And won’t take on any clients or customers we don’t feel we could make a huge difference for working with.

So, what’s the secret to increasing, if not doubling your Company’s Sales?

Everyone’s message is different, but no matter your niche, the importance of GREAT SALES-COPY in today’s day and age SHOULD NOT or rather CAN NOT be overlooked, if your Business or Company is to not only succeed… but thrive.

We just need to know a little bit more about what you do, and we’ll be in touch in no time.

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How It Works

What I Will Need to Increase Your Sales?

1. Your website’s name (and/or brochure, pamphlet, slogan, document.) & management access to the agreed upon media accounts.

My Story

I am going to tell you a QUICK story about a piece of sales copy that changed my life… this one made me an extra $200-2000 bucks a month. And, made me realize I could help businesses full-time.

I wrote a little book I planned on giving away for FREE, after realizing how much this little book could help someone I realized I could charge for it… and retailing for $8.99USD ‘A Simple But Effective Strategy For Success’ was published, and has been helping people ever since.

Then THIS Happened

I couldn’t just sit around promoting my book when my passion was working with others, wherever and whenever I could add value. After realizing one of the most valuable skills I possessed was my ability to make people believe in something, be it brand or message. The Block Bard was born, and went from something I do on the side to the recognized advertising establishment it is today!

We reach an average quarter million people+ per month with our $0 Brand Strategy and rely on our referral program for Client Acquisition.

Business owner’s tend to know business owners, most even have other businesses, so when building any brand the goal is always to ‘Tell Your Friends’ and ‘Start Spreading The News’.

Since the start of my writing career I’ve had the pleasure of…

  • Creating multiple 5 – 6 and recently 7 figure sales letters.
  • Getting tens of thousands of clicks on my ads, emails, and social media posts.
  • Reaching millions of people per month with organic content creation and even more with paid ads.
  • Figuring out how to sell everything via the written word from insurance to pet-supplies, to ebooks, to memberships, affiliate products, lawn care, haircuts, vegan shoes, quirky candles, YOU GET THE IDEA… through nothing but some words and good old psychological principles!

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