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Running your own Business? Or maybe you’re just getting it ready for take off?
Whatever it is you sell or do, your time is way too valuable to spend weeks or years learning the in’s and out’s of successful copywriting!

That’s where we come in

After writing hundreds if not thousands of High-Selling Digital Ads, High-Closing Sales-Letters, Brand Building Website Copy, Engaging One-Liners, and MORE…

We’ve made it our mission to increase the Voice, Presence, Influence, and most of all, Sales, of company’s whose message’s we wholeheartedly believe in.

While a Copywriter and Freelancer for Marketing Agencies, I’ve decided to branch out personally and build my team of professionals, so we can help more clients in need of specifically; Sales Copy.

We at The Block Bard believe in putting passion over paychecks. And won’t take on any clients or customers we don’t feel we could make a huge difference for working with.

So, what’s the secret to increasing, if not doubling your Company’s Sales?

Everyone’s message is different, but no matter your niche, the importance of GREAT SALES-COPY in today’s day and age SHOULD NOT or rather CAN NOT be overlooked, if your Business or Company is to not only succeed, but thrive.

I just need to know a little bit more about what you do, and we’ll be in touch in no time

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What’s Covered in the Consultation?

1. A basic proofreading of your company’s; Subtitles, Headers, Product Descriptions, Footers, Call-To-Actions, Promotional Slogans, et cetera.

2. A summary price of the services, and the following results guaranteed by our “Don’t like it, don’t buy it” motto.

What I Will Need to Increase Your Sales?

1. Your website’s name (and/or brochure, pamphlet, slogan, document.) & management access to the agreed upon media accounts.

2. Your conversion rate for the recent time period (e.g. number of conversions[sales] divided by number of visitors[leads]) for the following;
1 Week.
1 Month.
(While not required) This is the number used to determine how well I do my work. 
As well as how well, my work, works for you. AND if you have to pay for it!

My Story

I am going to tell you a quick story about a piece of sales copy that changed my life… this one made me an extra $1,500 bucks a month. And, made me realize I could do this full-time.

I was living at my mother’s. Everybody jokes about still living at home in their mother’s basement. Well I had the upstairs, so I didn’t think it was so bad… I was poor, but I also had a dream. A dream to sell something that didn’t require me to trade time for money as a “wage slave” – which is exactly what I was doing at the time – hustling odd jobs, instead of building a set skill.

You see, I’d written (or started writing) a few books, one an epic novel from a medieval fantasy (I’d been studying Political History for about 3 years). Problem was, I could never finish my stories… I honestly don’t even know how many ingenious stories I never managed to finish from my childhood. Stories that later became feature films like ‘Flushed Away’ and ‘Star Wars ep.7’ (which I did way better by the way by bringing Darth Maul back). I guess I got tired of the ‘Writers Block’ or whatever.

So I decided to try selling my services online.

That’s when I learned about writing business copybad business copy. Because the first product description I wrote was hideous. I spent the next few months trying all the courses, seminars, and self-help books I could… and not making more than a few hundred dollars a month doing it.

Then I made a decision that changed my life…

I decided I had to do whatever it took to get really GOOD at writing sales copy!

It hit me like a ton of bricks when I realized “I can actually make money online… and if I can do it at a couple hundred bucks a month, I can do it at a higher level!”

“Sales copy held the keys to unlock the success I wanted!”

And you know what? With a LOT of study, hard work, and experimentation online (along with a my fair share of trial and error).
I must say I have gotten pretty decent at sales copy!

I’ve been fortunate enough to:

  • Create multiple 5 – 6 figure sales letters.

  • Get thousands of clicks on my ads, emails, and social media posts.

  • ​Build up subscribers lists in the hundreds and for my clients the thousands.

  • Figured out how to sell everything from insurance to pet-supplies to ebooks, books, memberships, affiliate products, lawn care, even haircuts, and more in multiple industries through the power of the written word.

And the best part is your company gets to keep all the copy I write, and run it as long as you want! (Though I do not advise running the same sales letter twice..)

“Stop throwing money at ads and expecting results. Start investing your money on closing and selling your product or service.”

But here’s something you may not realize, especially if you think you can just hire a copywriter to put your sales pages, ads, emails, webinars, and more together for you.

The thing the vast majority of people don’t understand is that most of the really good sales copy writers you’re ever gonna meet… you can’t hire them!

That’s right! You can’t hire them for one simple reason…

Why would they write a sales letter for you for one, five, or ten thousand dollars when they can write one for themselves and potentially make way more? They don’t get any credit for it. And they can’t even post it on their portfolio page!

Well good news for you, I’m working on my books until I know they will not only sell, but teach as well. So I can focus all my sales-writing and research skills on growing YOUR COMPANY’S SALES.

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Our “Don’t like it, don’t buy it” motto.
-All services have a 30 day money back guarantee.
-This ensures quality of service and customer satisfaction.

Our “Honesty & Integrity” motto.
-All Clients reserve the right to be ‘in-the-know’ at all times.
-Every employee at The Block Bard has undergone and signed strict loyalty and integrity testing.

Our “Privacy & Protection” motto.
-All Clients reserve the right to deny The Block Bard, at their discretion any access to their: assets, passwords, etc. (Though some of these may be required to perform services).
-Every employee at The Block Bard is well-aware of the consequences of unprofessionalism, and/or falsifying and distributing private information.