Sarcastic Copy & Luxury Clothing Ads Don’t Click…

After the 2020 Christmas holidays, this women’s fashion E-Commerce client called us in an attempt to increase their daily sales volume, as they had noticed a substantial plateau in their performance.

At first, they told me we couldn’t use sarcastic and humorous copywriting for a high-end women’s luxury fashion brand. And it was a journey to start to say the least…

This firm still wanted to produce sales continuously without having to worry about the holiday months taking away from their normal sales, even though there was less hurry to acquire things and consumers felt as if they had paid their dues online.

We realized right away when we started working with them that we needed to use compelling offers at particular stages in their funnel to effectively engage audience members and motivate them to purchase with a sense of urgency.

To dial in on the reasoning that our team strategized, we placed offerings in their “Middle Of Funnel” and “Bottom Of Funnel” sections. Within a week of launching our initial ad campaign, their fulfilment crew was swamped with new orders due to the success of our first ad campaign.

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