Can You Really Call Yourself a Copywriter ???

The other day, one of my lovely students posted this in our Facebook group:

“Can you call yourself a freelance copywriter if you haven’t actually been paid for work or had anything published?”

Another student, Random Name (probably Mike. Mike sounds like a real name), put it like this:

​”I have zero experience as a copywriter and I’m still working on my portfolio. How does one get over their limiting beliefs when you’re starting off?”

Sound familiar, Prospect Name?

If you also feel angsty about calling yourself a copywriter (and it’s holding you back)… I wanted to share a quick resource to swivel that thinking on it’s head — boink! 🙃

In this podcast, James Clear, author of #1 New York Times bestseller, Atomic Habits, talks about how true behaviour change is really identity change.

He says: “once you start to look at yourself in a new way, once you start to ascribe a new identity to yourself, you’re not even really pursuing behavior change anymore…

…You’re just acting in alignment with the type of person you already see yourself to be.”

🙃 So instead of thinking of yourself as somebody who wants to run a marathon, think of yourself AS a runner.

🙃 Instead of thinking of yourself who wants to stop eating chocolate fudge cake and pecan pie so you can fit in to your Levi’s, think of yourself as someone who just doesn’t eat desserts.

🙃 Instead of thinking of yourself as someone who wants to get paid to write emails and websites, think of yourself AS a freelance copywriter.

So I challenge you to try it. I challenge you to call yourself a freelance copywriter this year, and see where it takes you. See if this reframe unlocks any invisible mental barriers for you.

Remember that: “Every action you take towards your goal is a vote for the person you wish to become”.

Whether that’s creating a system to help you land your first client, or raising your rates this year… don’t wait in the weeds, mackenzie…

Take some kind of action, today.​

Your Name or Team Member’s Name

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