Copywriting Course Sales Copy

The Most Thorough Writing Course That Has Ever Been Offered To The PublicBy _________________. Do not buy without reading this section… Hello. Quick intro. My name is Name, Professional writer since Year. $XXX in revenue for my clients, written over 4000 emails, hundreds of ads, sales pages, and SMS messages for some of the biggestContinue reading “Copywriting Course Sales Copy”

10 tips to power-up your writing ⚡

Tips and tools to help you write like an expert Writing can be really hard work. Unruly texts escape your attempts to create a logical structure. Topics can overlap so much you can’t tell where one article ends and another begins. And of course, there’s the dreaded writer’s block. How do expert copywriters deal withContinue reading “10 tips to power-up your writing ⚡”

Copywriting 101 – This is kinda weird… but plz read it

You know what they say about people with big socks don’t you, Prospect Name? That’s right. Big feet. The same thing doesn’t apply to big words though. ​If you think using big, scholarly-sounding words in your copy makes you sound super smart… You’ve been told a lie, Prospect Name. A LIE, I tell you! BecauseContinue reading “Copywriting 101 – This is kinda weird… but plz read it”

Can You Really Call Yourself a Copywriter ???

The other day, one of my lovely students posted this in our Facebook group: “Can you call yourself a freelance copywriter if you haven’t actually been paid for work or had anything published?” Another student, Random Name (probably Mike. Mike sounds like a real name), put it like this: ​”I have zero experience as aContinue reading “Can You Really Call Yourself a Copywriter ???”

Free Webinar –How Good Are Your Story Openings?

Hi Prospect Name, 👋 Every speaker and writer strives to capture their reader from the first page, gripping them with an opening that won’t let go. To ensnare your readers with your opening, make sure you register for this week’s free webinar on how to start a story. I am joined by the author andContinue reading “Free Webinar –How Good Are Your Story Openings?”

Copywriting Tips: How this nervous rookie earned $50,000 from one case study

Back in 2014, I had a client who wanted me to write them a case study. I’d never worked with a company that bred regenerating perennial ryegrass before (don’t even ask). Nor had I’d ever written a case study… So at first, I said no… who the pumpkin-spiced-latte was I to write about something IContinue reading “Copywriting Tips: How this nervous rookie earned $50,000 from one case study”

How To Make 6 Figures Without Moving A Finger

*eye-rolls* *another clickbait coach who is promising to give me the world for free* Let’s not jump to conclusions so quickly, shall we? 😉 If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I deliver every fvcking time. Here’s what you need to do to make 6-figures without moving a literal finger: 1.Continue reading “How To Make 6 Figures Without Moving A Finger”

Copywriting: I promise it’s worth it …

Ever get writing envy, Prospect Name? ​Like when you’re scanning an article and you happen upon a ridiculously smart or beautiful sentence that makes you inwardly — GASP! — with admiration…​… You, too? 🤩 🤩🤩​Once upon a time, I’d exhale loudly, and think, “Jeez, I could never write like that’. ​Then I remembered that limitingContinue reading “Copywriting: I promise it’s worth it …”

This drives me NUTS! 🐿️

Oh hey! One of my clients always insists on removing the paragraph breaks from my copy. And I’ll be honest, it drives me nuts, Prospect Name! ​Sure, it’s a matter of personal preference. But in the battle for attention, we gotta use every trick at our disposal to keep our readers’ eyes glued to theContinue reading “This drives me NUTS! 🐿️”

Join Fitness Coaching Program–Less Than ___ Days till it’s 2022

Less than X amount of days till it’s 2022… Planning on coming out on top, leaner and more muscular than before? Or is it going to be another New Years eve feeling like you’re already too far behind to even get started on your weightloss goals? … I’m putting together 2-3 high achievers who areContinue reading “Join Fitness Coaching Program–Less Than ___ Days till it’s 2022”