How To Make 6 Figures Without Moving A Finger


*another clickbait coach who is promising to give me the world for free*

Let’s not jump to conclusions so quickly, shall we? 😉

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I deliver every fvcking time.

Here’s what you need to do to make 6-figures without moving a literal finger:

1. Set up facebook ads that bring in leads 24/7 on autopilot

2. Hire a VA/ chat closer/ phone closer who can qualify and close those leads for you.

3. Outsource your deliverables, sit back and sip your Mojito 🍸…

“Sounds good Your Name. But are any freelancers actually doing this?”

Indeed they are, my friend.

One of my Your Program/Service rockstars, __________ ___________, does exactly this.

He is travelling around the world right now and banking a consistent $19K a month working no more than one hour a day.

Sounds like the epitome of the freelancer’s dream, right?

But it wasn’t always this easy for ___________.

In fact, before joining Your Program/Service, ______________ sent out over 36,000 cold DMs and didn’t land a single client.

I literally COULD NOT make that up in my wildest dreams haha.. Gotta admire the dude’s work ethic though!

I recently did an interview with __________ and asked him how exactly he did this.

And what changed from being unable to land a single client DMing 200+ prospects a day for 6 months…

To working with some massive name entrepreneurs, copywriters, authors and YouTube celebrities.

He revealed it all in our 30-minute interview which you can watch on YouTube here 👇

How to Make 6 Figures without Lifting a Finger (_________ __________ Interview)

Now, I’m not here to bullshit you.

You might not be able to do this tomorrow, next week or even next month.

But can you imagine your life once you manage to set this up for yourself?

Pulling in $19,000 a month working one hour a day while your team handles everything is certainly not a bad place to be in my opinion.

So if that interests you…

Go watch my interview with ___________ to see what’s possible for you as a freelancer. (LINK)

Maybe even by the end of this year if you move quickly enough 😉

Your Name

P.S. In case you missed my last email, I’m starting a new case study group for November, looking to take 10 more freelancers to a solid $60k/yr income by Xmas.

I’m looking for a few specific people, so if you…

1. Are a freelance copywriter or closer (or wanna learn and become one)

2. Making at least $2k/mo (job included)

3. Have time to work with 2-3 new paying clients in the next couple months

4. Are friendly and coachable, and

5. Willing to go hard for the remainder of the year to make it happen

Just reply to this email with ‘November’ and I’ll get you all the details 🙂

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