Christmas Life Hacks: Steamed Milk, Pie Birds, Sound Blocking Curtains, and More

Happy Friday! If you’re big into houseplants now is a great time to pop over to your local stores and check their indoor plant sections for clearance items. It’s Christmas in November for folks who love the thought of $5 plants. This might be the part where I confess I loaded up the back of an SUV with plants for under $100 last night. Don’t worry, I’ll figure out where to put them all. Maybe.

If you’re more focused on holiday prep than jamming another monstera into your already plant-packed house though, we’re still here with the scoop for you. Today Amazon has Kitchen-Aid stand mixers on sale—whether you’re shopping for yourself or a friend, it’s a great price on an indispensable kitchen workhorse. More gift ideas? We have a pile of fun gifts for adult Disney fans here, it’s the newest entry in our Holiday Insert Year Gift Guide.

Here’s some more great content from the week for you to check out:

Planning a lazy weekend? Here’s everything that came to Netflix this week.

Restaurant-worthy French fries at home? Yes, please.

Curious how much leftover Halloween candy you’d have to eat to do yourself in? We did the math.

Need to get rid of leftover Halloween candy now that you know you have enough to do yourself in? We can help with that too.
Sleep hot? Shopping for someone that does? You need these products.
Tired of messy wrapping paper? Try this hack.
Baking some holiday pies soon? Here’s how to use a pie bird.
And water cooler trivia? You know we wouldn’t leave you hanging on a Friday. It’s that “Remember, remember, the 5th of November” time of year for fans of V is for Vendetta and folks in Britain celebrating Guy Fawkes Day. This day is the anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot, an attempt to assassinate the King with barrels of gunpowder placed under the House of Lords.

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