+3.6M reached via The Block Bard CLASSICS [Social Media Marketing]

In 2020 Instagram announced that you could cross post with Facebook and link your Facebook and Instagram business accounts online with added tools like: Creator Studio, Accounts Manager, etc.

This led to saving time in the content creation process. As cross-posting has been what the top creators have been doing for over a decade.

What is cross posting?

In the shortest explanation, it is creating once and distributing forever.

Amazon FBA Publishing: 16,731+ Copies of “Strategy for Success” Sold in 18 Months! [Direct Advertising]

‘A Simple but Effective Strategy for Success’ was The Block Bard books first attempt at Amazon FBA publishing which released back in January of 2021.

Almost 2 years later, and not without our setbacks! we are unveiling the 18 month results of our first Amazon FBA expansion…

SEO Traffic Optimization: Calgary Construction Company Ranked #2 on Search in 12 Weeks with 12 Blogs [Blogging]

Reborn Renovations was a well-established construction business based in Calgary, but lacking SEO traffic optimization, they were struggling to generate leads through their website. Their website was outdated, and they had little to no presence on search engines.

To address this issue, we began by conducting a thorough audit of their website and identifying areas for improvement. We found that the website was not mobile-friendly, had poor navigation, and lacked clear calls-to-action.

Free Facebook Advertising S.O.P.

There’s a lot of moving pieces to a winning Facebook ad campaign. There’s the offers, landing pages, audiences, ad copies, creatives, campaign strategies, test results, headlines.., So many that if you’re not really good at staying organized you can get lost and end up hurting your long term results. At my agency we have twoContinue reading “Free Facebook Advertising S.O.P.”

1 Year with The Bards E-Commerce Copy Campaigns

Because they disregard the basics that feed their ROAS, most brands never achieve extremely profitable results. Ad creatives that attract attention, ad language that resonates deeply, an irresistible offer, a clear CTA, and a great landing page are all scenarios one must consider. When we first started working with this company, we spent nearly 14Continue reading “1 Year with The Bards E-Commerce Copy Campaigns”

Men’s Fitness: As men today, we may often feel the need to take up less space or make ourselves smaller.

You are the collection of your Habits As men today, we may often feel the need to take up less space or make ourselves smaller. Masculinity has gone through many iterations and societal perceptions since the birth of the ancient man. We can either blame society for the degradation of masculinity or we can takeContinue reading “Men’s Fitness: As men today, we may often feel the need to take up less space or make ourselves smaller.”

How To Make 6 Figures Without Moving A Finger

*eye-rolls* *another clickbait coach who is promising to give me the world for free* Let’s not jump to conclusions so quickly, shall we? 😉 If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I deliver every fvcking time. Here’s what you need to do to make 6-figures without moving a literal finger: 1.Continue reading “How To Make 6 Figures Without Moving A Finger”

Now is the time to meet your Marketing Expert

Turn fans into customers with help from an Expert. We noticed you still haven’t met with your dedicated Expert. Our team is here to help you reach your marketing goals with free, personalized guidance. Whether you’re focused on growing your following now, or would like some bite-sized tips to use later — our Experts canContinue reading “Now is the time to meet your Marketing Expert”

Marketing Angles: 8 Examples to Copy

The number one reason an ad resonates with its audience, and better yet, continues to resonate for weeks, or even months after, is not the creative… and sadly it’s not the copy either… it’s the Marketing Angles. Great Marketing Angles set themselves apart from the crowd by touching on human principles of influence from anContinue reading “Marketing Angles: 8 Examples to Copy”