SEO Traffic Optimization: Calgary Construction Company Ranked #2 on Search in 12 Weeks with 12 Blogs [Blogging]

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Reborn Renovations was a well-established construction business based in Calgary. But lacking SEO traffic optimization, they were struggling to generate leads through their website. Their website was outdated, and they had little to no presence on search engines.

Junipera Digital, their digital marketing agency, reached out to The Block Bard to ask for assistance with some writing services for their client Reborn Renovations.

Junipera Digital then contracted us for multiple articles. Which served to promote the clients online presence and organic rankings abroad.

To address this issue, we began by conducting a thorough audit of their website and identifying areas for improvement. We found that the website was not mobile-friendly, had poor navigation, and lacked clear calls-to-action.

We then worked with the client to redesign and optimize their website for SEO.

This included:

  • Making the website mobile-friendly
  • Improving the navigation and overall user experience
  • Including clear calls-to-action on key pages
  • Optimizing the website’s content for target keywords related to the construction industry
We also implemented a link-building strategy to increase the website’s authority and visibility on search engines.

This included:

  • Guest blogging on relevant industry websites
  • Building relationships with other local businesses to earn backlinks
  • Creating high-quality, shareable content to attract natural links

As a result of SEO traffic optimization via blogging services provided by The Block Bard, Reborn Renovation’s website saw a significant increase in organic traffic. With numbers of visitors from search engines steadily increasing within the first three months.

The website’s rankings for target keywords also improved, with many of them appearing on the first page of Google search results: Such as “New Calgary Communities.”

(As seen in the image below)

With more visibility on search engines, the company was able to generate more leads and increase its revenue.

With just 1 “Block Bard” Blog per week, over 12 weeks, we were able to take this client from almost non-existent, on the internet to #2 on Google for quite the competitive key-phrase or long-tail keyword.

The Block Bard Calgary construction company SEO traffic case study
Please note: SEO rankings vary per location and are often eventually outranked over enough time depending on the industry and level of competition.

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