63% Increase in Sales Closed

While this company wishes to remain anonymous, we can tell you they are a non-profit in the sales and semi-educative industry. Since they need to educate customers to nurture them into understanding the impact of their buy/donation. It was imperative the right language was being used to communicate the benefits of being a part of such a community of givers.

The Block Bard was able to help in assisting them with 6 new sales-scripts specifically crafted for 9 different provinces across Canada (including one for British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and the Maritime provinces). Had we had even more time to write the scripts and study the markets, we would’ve gone so far as to make a specific script for each quadrant or part of a city/municipality.

If we’ve learned anything over the years of message marketing e.g. copywriting it’s that customization is key to successfully selling anything in any industry whether it’s B2C or B2B.

How We Helped

Before TBB the client was operating at a closing rate of just 8%, meaning for every 100 clients they spoke with, only 8 actually bought. But after some hard market research and long-form sales-scripts complete with each demographic’s different set of objections which needed to be overcame by each customer and memorized by the company’s sales teams. We recorded an average 62.5 percent increase in sales closed!

Now their closing rate is coasting at 13% instead of 8%. An investment that pays for itself almost immediately with the size of their sales teams.

What We Found Stood Out Above All… Was 1 Thing.

People buy with emotions, not logic.

It wasn’t necessarily the people who could afford to donate that did. In-fact, lower-class communities saw more donations than upper-class and even middle-class communities. We found income overall had less to do with the amount of donations than most factors. Such as family; many family members are much more likely to donate because they are more affected by the fact that kids are starving across the globe, and are thus, more likely to give. But this isn’t a social study stating demographic statistics. It’s about how together we were able to workout their ideal customer in each area of the country. And the results that came from taking the time to both study and understand an audience, and a brand’s raison d’être, or message.

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