How To Advertise EFFECTIVELY: 4 Tips To Start Email Marketing TODAY

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Despite its sounding simple, to start email marketing with your business can be a huge hassle… There are many questions to ask yourself before diving deep into the realms of virtual messaging:

“What platform should I use?”

“What do I write about?”

“How big does my list need to be?”

“But I don’t want to sound spammy?”

We’ve heard all of these before, working with Clients who’ve had 10’s of thousands of customers and followers on their lists already, to Clients who couldn’t craft an email to save their life, even though they might have a killer product or service.

So We’ve Put Together 4 Tips Below Here to Help You Get Started with Email Marketing Your Business TODAY:


Still, there are many platforms of email service providers (ESP’s) out there from Active Campaign; which lets you get super technical, to MailChimp; which has been around since 2001 when email was but a baby, or toddler…

It’s worth watching a good Youtube video, or 5… when starting out and making use of free trials before committing to a paid service.


Still, you probably already know that the more people you have on your list, the more your subscriptions will cost you to connect and reach out to them.

So, we highly recommend going through your data to see who actually opens and reads your emails, who clicks, and who’s just making your bounce and un-open rate shoot through the roof.

Many people switch to different providers over the years and some of the email addresses you have today might actually be dead, in other words, useless.


Companies and brands should have a voice. A social system to which they stick to, stand by, and believe in religiously.

If you’re a marketing or advertising agency, and you want to connect with people who’ve subscribed to your blog or followed your page, then the perfect content for them would probably be some A-class advertising or marketing advice.

What types of emails do you see yourself sending?


We don’t mean don’t swear… although depending on your brand, business and voice we aren’t recommending it.

Start with an outline. It makes things wayyyy easier, believe me. Double check your headlines always, and at last, what your aiming to achieve with this message.

Asking another person for help is always encouraged as everyone interprets and sees things differently. Plus, they might catch some typos or tonality you missed out on in your hyper-focused writing state.

Finally, Have Some Fun With It.


Mackenzie Andres


Founder | Head of Copy

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