How To Advertise Online: 3 Reasons The Best Businesses use Copywriters!

How to Advertise Online

How to Advertise Online? So you have a business or company, small or global; doesn’t matter, and you’ve spent a lot of money on graphic design, web design, marketing, etc., 

Then why are you hesitating to invest money in words which are the actual asset to your business???

The words in any advertisement also known as ‘copy’ are written by a copywriter.

Copywriters are marketing experts and strategists who specialize in persuading and making sales. 

They capture the precious attention of your ideal audience and keep them engaged with your product along the consumer journey.

And finally, at the end of the journey, it directs them towards the desired call to action which is going to probably be a purchase.

Copywriters are marketing professionals who analyse your target market through extensive research.

Also, they use that information to create effective converting ads, SEO blog posts, email campaigns or even youtube videos and scripts.

Having a copywriter is essential for every business.

Here are the important top 3 reasons. 

1. You’ll Save Time and Money

The company’s brand image is very important.

If you are trying to write the copy on your own it may take you 5X to 6X more time than it would a professional copywriter.

A pro-copywriter creates great copy by understanding the image you are trying to create and convey to your customers through your product or services before they even buy. 

Also, great copy is a direct conversation in the form of words, which develops an interest, plus, a sense of trust and connection in the potential buyer.

A pro-copywriter can convey a message that would take normal people a whole paragraph… in a single line.

Since it affects the customer’s perception of your brand which then reflects in their buying preferences. 

So, to build trust and establish a relationship with your customers; proper Brand Voice is key.

A-Pro copywriter makes your content readable, makes your ads relatable and recognizable, makes your social media posts, emails, websites, sales funnels, Facebook ads, etc. more approachable.

Hence it can save you precious time and money too!

2. Develops an Interest in Your Products or Services

So you fully understand the first reason I mentioned above, a customer’s relationship with your brand plays a major role.

People will not buy if they don’t see any need for your products or services.

Yet, for your business, there must be a value proposition.

Your value proposition is what makes somebody want to buy from you. 

Then; why customers should buy from you and not from your competitor???

How your service or product can solve customer problems???

In case you don’t have a value proposition, a pro copywriter can generate a need for your product or service. 

They can also develop trust between the seller and the buyer. 

Also, trust plays a very important role to connect.

People don’t care about what new features your product has, they care about how those features can directly benefit their lives.

To develop an interest in your product or brand, a copywriter can help you by doing market research and studying your competitors.

Hence, copywriters awaken the customers pain points, and kill any objections in the process. They are aware of their ideal audiences’ pain points which results in generating a specific demand, need, or interest for your service or product. 

Which makes customers lust for your product.

Therefore a copywriter by using said skill can develop an interest in your product or service.

3. Make More Sales and Leads

People don’t just buy products, they buy transformations.

They care less about the product and more about what the product can do for them.

Remember features tell, benefits sell. 🙂

The features of your product fail to make an image in the prophet’s mind.

On the other hand, if the benefits are shown instead of features, your audience; feels a need for it.

So, the best copywriters are thus trained to convert features into benefits.

First example:

  • It’s why so many weight loss companies use before and after images, it’s why Swiffer commercials show pictures of clean floors.

And it’s why every competent business owner out there knows it’s a good idea to use testimonials.

Second example:

  • When you sell a hammer you don’t use a picture of the hammer to sell it, you use a picture of a cabinet, a bookcase, a picture hanging on the wall, or anything that can be done with a hammer.

Third example:

  • Even diversion products don’t use plain images of the product to make sales. 

Additionally; Gucci, Victoria Secret, and every high-end expensive name brand in existence shell out big bucks for models. 

They’re selling you what their clothes transform you into, not just the actual clothes. 

There are many examples I can give you about sales and leads.

Customers love to understand, and feel understood; before they buy.


If you are a business owner, hiring a copywriter can benefit your business in a myriad of ways.

Thanks for reading!

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