Telling Someone How to Advertise…While Asking for Their Business

How to advertise

You can’t ask someone for their business while telling them how to advertise. It can’t be done!

Plain and simple.

Oh, you thought I was going to make you read until end to find out the answer?

We do things a little differently around here.

You’re still going to read to the end though, because if you don’t you’ll miss out on one of the easiest ways to get clients in any industry.

That way?

Is called: ‘Getting in with the right people, the right way.’

Okay so I haven’t made a fancy name for it. What am I a copywriter? Sue me. This method is also known as ‘digging your well before you’re thirsty.’ And trust me you are going to be thirsty at some point. It’s just a matter of when and if you are prepared beforehand.

How to do it:

First you need to follow them on whatever their main posting platform is. Then you need to like, comment and engage with their content for at least several weeks before sending your first DM (direct message). Your first DM must not be a pitch of your product or service in any way. You are specifically reaching out to tell them how awesome they are and how much their business rocks. (Even if it doesn’t, we’ll get to that).

This will frame you in the mindset of your client candidate as a fan or positive person, so they will open your DM’s the next time you reach out with tips on ‘how to advertise’!

Building an online relationship before you ask for any favours is key to the reciprocity principle. But the bigger the fish (potential client or partner in this case) the more you will have to put in before asking for a favour.

“Trust is the most important quality to have in any sale. No-one buys anything without trust. No-one.” – Mackenzie Andres

When you help others–expecting nothing in return, it makes people trust you.

Trust is the most important quality to have in any sale. No-one buys anything without trust. No-one.

And when you expect nothing in return, the more likely they are to give you something in return when you finally ask! Life is funny like that sometimes.

And if you are copy and pasting DM’s without any personalization or research, you are messing up big time… Here’s why,

Let’s say you send 100 copy-paste DM’s in 30 minutes, and get 10 replies.

Were you to spend an hour or more customizing those messages you would get at least 30/100 replies. More than double. And you wouldn’t have potentially put yourself in the wrong books with your audience who kindly gave you permission to market to them by following you.

It’s okay to use formulae and skeletons for DM’s, it’s actually encouraged… but always personalize and do your research.


Mackenzie Andres


Founder | CEO


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