How To Establish And Create A Selling Machine

$5 per lead$50 per application$300 to acquire a client$2k per client per month$24k per year10 clients = $240k per year42 clients = $1,008,000.00 Hello 7 figure business! That’s the math. Now let me show you how we do it. Day in, day out. In over 416 different industries and niches. And have generated $1.33 billionContinue reading “How To Establish And Create A Selling Machine”

Download Free Copywriting Bible…

Good luck wasting your time…. if you didn’t straightly jump to learn Copywriting from this copywriting Bible Well friend,I came across this book so late that I regret every penny……I spent on those so-called copywriting books.No kidding.I don’t want to exaggerate much about itBut (it is a big but)I can’t hold myself back.The book isContinue reading “Download Free Copywriting Bible…”

3 Deadly Sins Of Email Marketing…

The 3 Deadly Sins Of Email Marketing 😵 … Email gets a bad wrap. It’s not like any kids are dreaming of becoming an email marketer when they grow up lol If you told your friends you do email marketing for a living, they’d probably give you the ole “damn that sucks for you”… ButContinue reading “3 Deadly Sins Of Email Marketing…”

I’ll Be Happy When I… Fill in the Blank…

I’ll be happy when I get shredded. I’ll be happy when I have a successful business. I’ll be happy when I hit 7 figures. My whole life I’ve been chasing the unicorn that doesn’t exist. Guess what happened? Yes I got shredded. Yes I built successful businesses. Yes I made progress. But you wanna knowContinue reading “I’ll Be Happy When I… Fill in the Blank…”

Headline Heaven: Sunday Digest | All of the Week’s Infographics

Sunday Digest: Last Week’s InfographicsHere are all the new infographics from last week in one easy place!The 20 Internet Giants That Rule the Web A lot has changed since Yahoo and AOL were the homepages of choice. This graphic looks at the largest internet giants in the U.S. since 1998. Seeing Red: Is the HeydeyContinue reading “Headline Heaven: Sunday Digest | All of the Week’s Infographics”

Christmas Marketing “I Bought a Company”: secret message from ‘Public Figure’

Hey – I’m not sure if you heard or not… But one of my BIGGEST mentors in this game of business is a legend named ‘Public Figure’. BY FAR the most quoted “guru” in the _________ industry… In fact, if you look at “marketing genealogy” – all roads lead back to ‘Public Figure’. Every marketingContinue reading “Christmas Marketing “I Bought a Company”: secret message from ‘Public Figure’”

The myth of the best copywriting book

“What’s the best copywriting book to get?” People ask me this allllllll the time. And here’s what I say, Prospect Name. Truth is, I’ve never stumbled upon a dud copywriting book! Sure some are more eloquent or vivid or acclaimed or revered than others. But genuinely, every copywriting book I’ve had the good fortune toContinue reading “The myth of the best copywriting book”

Copywriters: How To Charge 4X More

Drum roll The day has come when I will reveal how exactly you can charge 4X more for your services… All WITHOUT facing any resistance from your prospects. If you remember my last email, I told you that people pay more for two things: Speed Comfort If you find a way to make them thinContinue reading “Copywriters: How To Charge 4X More”