How To Write for the Right Audience

If you’re selling a restaurant owner a piece of new-age medical equipment even as one of the best copywriters in Calgary, you’re going to have a hard time. Not only because they don’t run a medical practice and have no need for such equipment, but because they can’t even understand the sales-copy and product descriptionsContinue reading “How To Write for the Right Audience”

Building A Face for Your Brand

The best copywriters in Calgary learn from greats like Elon Musk to find ways to grow their own creativity. Here are a few ways you can learn too! Elon Musk, C.E.O. of SpaceX and Tesla (two of America’s highest valued companies. One of which is privately held), is neither a rocket scientist, a computer engineer,Continue reading “Building A Face for Your Brand”

Is Marketing A Social Science??

In a purely academic sense (if we were looking at marketing from the perspective of the best copywriters in Canada) The Universities would say no. But I would say yes. Most educational institutions seem to label Marketing as a Commerce subject. But I feel this is misleading for the following reasons. Having a personal backgroundContinue reading “Is Marketing A Social Science??”


How do the best copywriters in Canada grow their business? Do you ever feel guilty of not living your best life? Or living up to the standards you’ve set for yourself? Well, this guilt is a good thing. It means you actually have standards. Whereas some people run their lives blind and unprincipled as animals,Continue reading “RAISING NECESSITY | WHY & HOW”


Learn how to develop partnerships like the best copywriters in Canada IN 6 STEPS! In today’s day and age, with independent contracting and freelancing becoming ever more popular. We have to remember that it doesn’t have to be just us all of the time. We need to remember the importance of forming and nurturing strategicContinue reading “HOW TO FORM PARTNERSHIPS (STRATEGY!) “

6 Steps To The Ultimate Brand Building Plan

 Scenarios where your company’s message misses its target when not using the best copywriters in Canada, or worse falls short completely, are way more popular. But way worse for sales than the infamous overly pushy salesperson.  So, here are 6 quick tips to add to your marketing strategy and begin today to better send yourContinue reading “6 Steps To The Ultimate Brand Building Plan”


“I’m lovin’ it”… “Have it your way”… “A diamond is forever”… these are a few of the many One-Liners and Slogans customers can recall hearing. These are just three of the many clever one-liners companies have used to keep customers coming back time after time. A good one-liner rings in the ear of those whoContinue reading “WHY YOUR COMPANY NEEDS A ONE-LINER”