How To Write Controversial Copy that Gets Engagements

The Best Copywriters in Calgary say congratulations for finding this $100 OFF coupon Now you may be thinking… Why would I want to write controversial copy?! Because any persuasion be it written or spoken starts with you sharing your beliefs for the sole purpose of changing theirs. And the best way to be sure youContinue reading “How To Write Controversial Copy that Gets Engagements”


How do the best copywriters in Canada grow their business? Do you ever feel guilty of not living your best life? Or living up to the standards you’ve set for yourself? Well, this guilt is a good thing. It means you actually have standards. Whereas some people run their lives blind and unprincipled as animals,Continue reading “RAISING NECESSITY | WHY & HOW”


Learn how to develop partnerships like the best copywriters in Canada IN 6 STEPS! In today’s day and age, with independent contracting and freelancing becoming ever more popular. We have to remember that it doesn’t have to be just us all of the time. We need to remember the importance of forming and nurturing strategicContinue reading “HOW TO FORM PARTNERSHIPS (STRATEGY!) “

The Best Copywriters in Canada present the LOW-INFO DIET!

Now hold on a minute, why would anyone including the best copywriters in Canada want less info? Doesn’t more information equal more knowledge?  Well no, first off knowledge isn’t information. It is your practical understanding of a situation experienced. And if information is simply facts and data. I would argue that all facts and dataContinue reading “The Best Copywriters in Canada present the LOW-INFO DIET!”


“I’m lovin’ it”… “Have it your way”… “A diamond is forever”… these are a few of the many One-Liners and Slogans customers can recall hearing. These are just three of the many clever one-liners companies have used to keep customers coming back time after time. A good one-liner rings in the ear of those whoContinue reading “WHY YOUR COMPANY NEEDS A ONE-LINER”