How To Write Controversial Copy that Gets Engagements

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Now you may be thinking…

Why would I want to write controversial copy?!

Because any persuasion be it written or spoken starts with you sharing your beliefs for the sole purpose of changing theirs.

And the best way to be sure you do that is by getting them to read your stuff!

Here is a great example of how I maintained ridiculous engagement (by supposedly busy people) on a post where I explained the stark realities of the porn industry and its overbearing affects on men and women. Because I chose to share my views, or rather the views of the most successful and valuable people on the planet (since it is they I aim to take after) with a group that I met at partying in high school… I of course enjoy with laughs and defensiveness… But nonetheless ENGAGEMENT.

And while we understand you can’t convince everyone, and may not want to trying –Most people will never see their sickness, or rather choose not to because it is often so painful to look at. We know in our hearts that they will remember what I said because they definitely READ IT. They definitely ENGAGED. And they definitely FEEL their semi-conscious crook value systems under fire. As if their thoughts are under review by a spiritual Tony Robbins or something.

Without this FEELING there is no change… And since reading, by a term dubbed ‘neuro-plasticity,’ they will never again be the same people. Think twice before supporting a sex-worker who wanted to. And all-well could’ve been, an artist, actor, doctor, or any other noble profession…

NOW if I want to try selling these people a product or service I will find it a challenge! (But I’ve written long enough and in enough industries to know just who it is I’m writing for, and what it is I’m writing for…

And since I’m not trying to make any friends or sales with that particular scene or audience. I can mess around with what gets reactions and what gets resentment. What gets discussion, and what gets crickets. And use the recorded data to improve my copywriting for future political parties and their campaigns. As-well as my marketing and social studies portfolio. Which I could then give away as incentive to showcase my work, in that field.

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But Who Would Use This Kind of Marketing ?

Articles in the form of this particular kind of marketing are often put out by political oppositions and written by copywriters. Aiming not so much to get votes, but instead lose the opposition theirs.

You can see it happen every election season by the big media companies. In their aim to smear the ‘op and get traffic for their pay-per-click ads, will go to ridiculous lengths. Even-so-much-as putting out 300 word nonsense articles with crazy headlines completely off their niche to get you to like, click and share.

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Usually between a grade 3 and grade 6 level quality, they’re surely in focus of a wider range of peoples. This Blog is for a grade 6 and grade 9 level. Whereas my essays are at what I like to call a grade 16 level. As you could spend a good 30 minutes re-reading and interpreting what is there. And how such conveying is appropriate. My poems, at theblockbard Historical Poems are for a grade 8 level. Originally for kids, and to teach them the classics, I ended up getting a bit too spicy with my wordplay. So now it’s for fun-adults, or to be read before kids, and too them, until one day they can read it themselves.

“Marketing is not a synonym for advertising, public relations, or telemarketing; those are aspects of marketing communications. Rather, as the Canadian Marketing Association (2010) defines it, marketing is “a set of business practices designed to plan for and present an organization’s products or services in ways that build effective customer relationships.” In other words, when applied to politics, marketing entails a political organization using business techniques to inform and shape its strategic behaviours that are designed to satisfy citizens’ needs and wants.” – UBC Press 2011

Notice how at the end it says ‘satisfy citizens’ needs and wants‘, and not their own. This is the paradox democratic nations everywhere face wherein the very people vying for power will do anything and promise anything to please their peoples. Whether or not they choose to live up to those promises and doings is another story, and sort of depends on how proximal and probable such promises are.

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