Email Marketing isn’t DEAD! It’s more ALIVE than ever. Here’s Why:

It's More Alive Than Ever

Most e-commerce stores and service-based-businesses know all-too-well that the majority of their sales comes from email-marketing and already existing customers and buyers. This is no less true for the big giants like Amazon and Alibaba.

Let me repeat that: majority of their sales comes from email marketing to already existing customers

People often think it’s dead because every company rushed into it so quickly.

The average person gets 121 emails a day.

The human race as a whole gets 193.3 billion.

Business emails account for 108.7 billion.

These are big numbers…

And since you cannot buy products without making an account on these platforms for the #1 reason that… they want YOUR EMAIL, we’ve been bombarded with terrible email marketing and advertisements for years now!

The worst is when your email gets sold to a third party and you get these terribly spammy articles you can never seem to get rid of! And this happens all the time, a company says they made X amount from their email-list this year, and then another business thinks they can generate the same amount even if they’re in a completely different industry… And so, says “I’ll buy your list!”

The Good News??

With all the awful ads and emails going around it’s never been easier to make yours STAND OUT, GET NOTICED, and then finally GET BOUGHT!

In fact, email can drive more sales than social media and display ads combined.

And one thing you’ll often here in the entrepreneurial and marketing world is that the only thing you own is your list.

This is because you’ve built it yourself. They either know you, or they know your business, they remember opting in (hopefully), and they likely remember why they opted in. Plus it’s free to message your list. (But don’t overdue it). Complex campaigns, of course cost money.

This is why it is so crucial to not only know-well your list members, but to continuously nurture, add, and bring value, to those you’ve both just added in, and already had.

What’s Wrong with Most Emails?

While companies realize the impact email has on its consumers, most don’t understand how crucial it is to hire a good copywriter, who preferably knows the industry.

Most online stores will use an ad that looks like this:

NOW… While it’s not a terrible creative, or even a bad offer… there is nothing special about it whatsoever. It might even see 5, maybe 10% engagement… But the problem is it doesn’t quite identify with anyone. This is a classic ad example from the old-school advertising scene where people had to advertise to everyone watching a certain news channel at a certain time, or a certain sports event during halftime. They were usually made for a broad and more general audience because they couldn’t exactly target specific 16 year olds who like hip-hop and McDonald’s on Wednesday nights in January… like we can now.

How To Organize YOUR List

You can separate and group your email-list however you want, and as deep as you see fit. Some might even say the deeper you go the more money is to be made. The basic groups would be of course:

-Gender (men and women buy different things)

-Age (teens and adults buy different things)

-Interests (nerds and jocks buy different things, [this isn’t an 80’s movie but you get the point])

Take a look at this targeted email from Clinique make-up brand:

Obviously female targeted
Obviously male targeted

Notice how much more effort went into the Women directed ad, than did the Mens? This is probably because women are their target market and they have all-the-more competition to compete with when it comes to nurturing those sales. Whereas men don’t spend much time shopping for and comparing cosmetics, so they’re more likely to buy off the same person they bought from last time.

Which Emails are Usually Sent?

  • Invite people to browse your store. (Be unique)
  • Sending product suggestions based on previous purchases and browsing history. (This can be annoying and creepy to customers, so be mindful)
  • Upsell customers as they go through the buying process. (VistaPrint loves this)
  • Send ‘Thank-You’ emails after the purchase with more product ideas. (Make it authentic and genuine; this is why they ask for your name, so they can personalize it, even if it is automated… It works)
  • Include product suggestions in the shipping and receipt email. (“You might also like” is a little overdone)
  • Utilize abandoned cart, category, and check out emails to recapture sales. (Make it fun and different. Tailor to your industry)
  • Alert someone about an approaching deadline on an offer. (If you have data that they showed interest, otherwise it might in some cases seem spammy)

According to the Direct Marketing Association, Email Marketing alone yields an estimated 4,300 percent ROI !

That means every dollar spent on email marketing offers an average return return of $44, says ExactTarget.

Now that’s a statistic, and while I won’t get into interpreting those right now, it does look pretty AWSOME right off the bat, right?

That’s because it is !!!

Go Start Email Marketing Today! (If you haven’t already) But remember not to do it wrong. There might NOT be a RIGHT way to email market, but there is definitely a WRONG way…

some of the best copywriters in Calgary will tell you!

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