Content Marketing, And How it can Help Your Business


Lead generation and Nurturing are usually defined as collecting someones contact info and building a relationship with them…


What if I told you, you were already starting to form relationships with the people who interact with your content? Even the people who see your content? You’d probably think that’s a hunk of crap, right? But while you may not be building/nurturing these relationships at the same level as you wish, or as companies with good CRM’s (customer relations management)…

You are changing the way they see you because content is the brand building tool of 2020’s digital age. Let me repeat that. Content is the brand building tool of 2020’s digital age.

*Update March 2022: Content is still King. Video is taking off.

While we run advertisements for companies, and product launches, et cetera, we have no need to run ads to get clients and customers because they all inquire after our content!

I like this post.” “Can you do that for me?” “My company needs X.” And the list goes on… just make sure you have your DM’s on!

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Important Tip to Note:

At the beginning we tended to treat lead generation a little looser than we should, relying almost entirely on organic content and word of mouth. But regardless of your niche, leads are your current or potential customers who don’t mind hearing from your brand.

They are the social media followers who might purchase your product/service now and then. These are colder leads which often require more nursing or nurturing to finally warm up to your brand.

As Customer Journeys get more convoluted and complex, conversions from those leads become harder to track.

We’ve created content for cleaning companies, real estate agents and agencies, food companies, and a few others.

Creating quality content has never been easier with the online tools we’re presented with today. They are in our face, and all over the place, and you don’t need to be an artist or musician, public speaker or professor to create cool photo and video.

So how can content marketing drive your brands leads and conversions through the roof?

Let us take a look:

1. Match Content to Search Intent

Just about all websites are optimized to generate Google organic traffic. In fact my blog gets 100% percent of its traffic organically as of now, and in most cases, this process includes identifying relevant keywords that people are prone to click or search, and including them in the on-page sales-copy, headlines, and anchors/backlinks.

However the corner piece to the optimization puzzle is giving searchers what they were searching for in the first place.

Different search queries imply different search intentions:

  1. Informational intent: Searchers want quick answers, often considered top-funnel intent.
  2. Commercial investigation: Searchers compare options. They are closer to the sale.
  3. Commercial intent: Searchers look for product reviews. These people are ready to buy.
  4. Navigational intent: Searchers want (video) tutorials on how to use a product. These are your current customers who may become your returning buyers or free-trial users who may be converted into paying users.

You need to create different content assets targeting each of those search intents.

For example, I’m not pitching advertising content to my Classical Culture and History followers. Just as I am not pitching Classics and History to my Business Owner Clients interested in advertising… okay, well maybe just a little…

It’s only when they click onto my website that they finally see how my business mediates the two. And we still have separate categories, with separate writers, and ever less separate audiences.

*Update March 2022: The Block Bard writing service and The Block Bard CLASSICS become different companies under the name: The Block Bard group.

2. Make Your Content Shareable

Let’s say the average Facebook user has 300 friends. If just 10% (30) of those people shared with 30 of their friends, thats 900 people… And it goes on and on.

Follow groups in your industry and niche, post to them, ask them for feedback.

Match your CTA’s (call-to-actions) with your content, and your audience to your funnel/customer journey.

3. Retarget Bounced Traffic

Email marketing, Facebook Ads, and many other systems and tools are great for re-engaging lost traffic who may have been interested eventually, but forgot about your offer, or worse, the name of your site or business…


Content Marketing is one of the most cost-friendly ways to get your brand and business name out there!

Especially when starting out. If you don’t have the budget to advertise, or pay someone to help you create the content, you had better be ready to do it yourself. Just remember to ask for help! Crappy content can be more detrimental to your company than none at all.

best copywriters in Calgary


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