The Best Copywriters in Canada present the LOW-INFO DIET!


Now hold on a minute, why would anyone including the best copywriters in Canada want less info?

Doesn’t more information equal more knowledge? 

Well no, first off knowledge isn’t information.

It is your practical understanding of a situation experienced.

And if information is simply facts and data. I would argue that all facts and data are useless unless they are applied to an end to achieve certain results. 

We can sit here and make new facts and data about anything we wish. The key is to retain and practice rigorously what data is useful, and what works for you. While ignoring all other unnecessary information that affects both your educational and mental health. 

We have all read, or heard, that life-changing advice at some point in our lives that we carried with us through our successes. Whether it was a new diet or recipe that helped us achieve our physical goals, or maybe it was a new routine that helped you increase your sales time and time again without failure. Whatever piece, or pieces, of knowledge that helped you the most is what you should focus on the most. 

Do this for one entire week and watch your productivity levels skyrocket.  

Many of the world’s most successful CEOs, billionaires, and philanthropists, all have one thing in common. That is; A personal routine. (Covered soon). Each unique and accustomed to his or her own work habits and industry. 

However, each and everyone of the best copywriters in Canada spends more time doing things they know from past experience work well, than they do wasting time looking for things to work more well. (When they in most cases won’t).  

I will repeat that. “Each and everyone spends more time doing things they know from past experience work well, than they do wasting time looking for things to work more well.” (When they in most cases won’t).  

The question is how much you value your time.

This principle is especially effective when applied by the business person or creative individual, because they have already cultivated themselves a decent amount of quality information to build off of. And so thrive when it comes to implementing performance over, what your brain is telling you is progress. 

Ask yourself many times throughout the day; put a sticky note on your computer screen if you have to that says;

Am I actually being productive right now? Or is my brain just inventing things to do? 


Mackenzie Andres.


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