6 Steps To The Ultimate Brand Building Plan


 Scenarios where your company’s message misses its target when not using the best copywriters in Canada, or worse falls short completely, are way more popular. But way worse for sales than the infamous overly pushy salesperson. 

So, here are 6 quick tips to add to your marketing strategy and begin today to better send your message to the world. 


Not morals or messages that you or your business have, but rather feelings that you wish to evoke in your customer’s experience.

-This will give you the clarity that leads to the courage needed to take-on the competitive world of marketing and contesting your company.


More platforms isn’t always better. Especially in the beginning when you’re still unsure how to use them and where to start. I would say pick 2 to focus on in the beginning. 1 for high value (e.g. website) and one for high traffic (e.g. instagram). 

Once that’s taken off you can ready up another one for the go and watch the traffic flow.

-This will be where you receive almost all of your leads in this digital day and age, so don’t rush it. 


The clarity brought on by the first step will help you define your target audience and hit them hard with your target message. (Hopefully it’s a good one). But it won’t matter how hard you hit them with your message if your customers can’t understand what they’re being hit with so hardly. 

Your message should be contained almost entirely in your slogan, or as well as you can without compromising its jingle or personality.  

-This will intrigue leads before they’ve even had the time to understand what it is you do.


Consistency not just in scheduling daily or weekly posts for your blog or media. But consistency as well in your brand’s image and reputation. (e.g. same palette, same graphics, same colours, same quality of customer service).

-This will keep your brand recognizable and at the forefront of people’s minds. Very important if you wish to stand out in today’s entrepreneurial economy.

This is what the best copywriters in Canada like to call established marketing. A term used to describe brands that have outdone their images. They still need to market so as not to fall out of mind, but it is to say they are there, and need to continue to market so as never to become a were there. 


When attracting customers and looking for leads, ask yourself; if this is the appropriate audience for you? Better customers and clients will help your business compound its clientele overtime. (E.g. If it costs you $20 to advertise to customer A, and they buy $100 worth of product and turn out to be an amazing person astounded with the service. They will then refer you to customer B at $0 advertising cost. And so on, and so on)…

-This will grow your client/customer base exponentially faster with friendly-to-work-with people. While saving you from the time-wasting duds, who probably weren’t going to buy anyway. 


Do as you say. Walking the walk is a must for anyone who wishes for people to believe the things they believe about themselves. Would you take dietary advice from an obese nutritionist? Or would you go with the one who looks full of energy and life? 

The day to day interactions, engagements and email replies are at the end of the day your brand, and not your colours, logo’s, or even catchphrase.

 -This will cement who you are with what your company does, and what your brand stands for. If it is not genuine, people will notice. So the last, but likely most important step should sum things up and incorporate all the preceding. 

Implement these simple but well-proven strategies today and push your business forward fast, and in the right direction to becomes one of the best copywriters in Canada. 


Mackenzie Andres.


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