Copywriting 101: Permission Marketing in 2021

When NIKE was just a wee little baby back in the swingin’ 60’s of Oregon, U.S.A., Adidas was already collaborating with FIFA and the Olympics. But that didn’t stop NIKE from honing in on partnerships with personal athletes; the same partnerships we see today, only with of course, different athletes; later to become the biggest sports brand by far.

But what does this have to do with permission marketing? Permission marketing is more or less the manufacturing of consent. And when the NBA banned Michael Jordan’s NIKE Air Force 1’s, they manufactured the consent or hype, for every baller outside of the NBA to buy those shoes. In other words 99% of their market audience.

Building A Face for Your Brand

The best copywriters in Calgary learn from greats like Elon Musk to find ways to grow their own creativity. Here are a few ways you can learn too! Elon Musk, C.E.O. of SpaceX and Tesla (two of America’s highest valued companies. One of which is privately held), is neither a rocket scientist, a computer engineer,Continue reading “Building A Face for Your Brand”

How To Use Negative-Autosuggestion Today to Break Bad-Habits

 Best copywriters in Canada will tell you that negative autosuggestion is the killer of good copy. So here is how to make it better! Autosuggestion (if you don’t already know) can be defined in many ways but put simply, it is training your subconscious to manifest that which you want most into your main consciousnessContinue reading “How To Use Negative-Autosuggestion Today to Break Bad-Habits”