How a Single Mom Started a Plastic Food Storage Empire!


Best copywriters in Canada learn from others in marketing history. Earl Silas Tupper (July 28, 1907 – October 5, 1983) was an American businessman and inventor. She was best at the invention of Tupperware… an airtight plastic container great for storing food.

But it was his female sales-rep Brownie Wise that took his business from the shelves of crummy department stores into the hands of customers’ in over 100 different countries across the globe!

Brownie Wise pioneered today’s all-too-famous party-plan marketing system. Insisting that the key to sales was in the strategic education of the product rather than the strategic placement. 

Tupperware has since become a multi million dollar company generating revenues in the hundred of millions, boasting 15,000+ Employees, all without being sold in a single department store.

The wonderbowl, one of Tupperware’s first memorable products was first demonstrated in home parties by Ms. Wise; by tossing the wonderbowl filled with water to a friend across the room to prove its watertight seal.

It struggled heavily to sell at first, because plastic was still unfamiliar to the average kitchen user, whereas glass and ceramics were still the norm. The products were too different. So they saw it fit to not only host product demonstration parties, which were quite commonplace in the times before television. (Like an infomercial in your house…) They combined product demonstration with what they called ‘parties’ and thus gave birth to the first ever Tupperware Party!

But Wise put women at the forefront of her sales-team. And Tupperware Parties would be supported by a Tupperware Dealer –An honored guest whom when demonstrating and socializing the product could sell a butt-load! 

And Hostesses received merchandise as a ‘thanks’ for providing their homes and social networks. By 1949, Wonderbowls were flying from the pocket’s of Wise’s sellers, straight to the customer’s kitchen! The best copywriters in Canada love that story!


My mother signed up for Tupperware in 2007, didn’t host her first party till 2008. When about to quit, her business leader at the time suggested she do a small, single party. 

Little did she know at the time, 13 years later she’d not only still be in the business, but the business leader too! 

Meeting amazing people and building them up so they in turn build the business, built her, an amazing community of creators and sellers.

Allowing her to customize her schedule for optimal performance around family and work. Not-to mention the Recognition, Trips, and Company vehicles…  

From no income, no job, about to lose the house, and begging people to have a Tupperware party –To Business Leader being begged by her customers to give them more bowls!


Mackenzie Andres.


Founder | Head of Copy

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