How To Use Negative-Autosuggestion Today to Break Bad-Habits

Mack Andres

 Best copywriters in Canada will tell you that negative autosuggestion is the killer of good copy. So here is how to make it better!

Autosuggestion (if you don’t already know) can be defined in many ways but put simply, it is training your subconscious to manifest that which you want most into your main consciousness and at the forefront of your mind. 

Or even simpler it is basically the ability and practice of controlling your inner thoughts. And your inner thoughts control your outer. 

Why Use It? Tips by the Best copywriters in Canada!

The power this mental technique can have on one’s physical performance can be demonstrated by the first man to run an under 4 minute mile.

For who knows how many centuries they had been trying to run a mile in under 4 minutes. It seemed no one could do it.

Then a guy named Roger Bannister comes out of nowhere and does it. 

And within 2 years, 37 people run a mile in under 4 minutes. 

How did he do it?

He didn’t just train physically he had to train mentally to change his mindset. 

Because how can your mind let your body do something that it doesn’t think is possible? 

The answer is it can’t.

Bannister had to visualize and believe his success before it could actually manifest itself into reality.

Autosuggestion is the power of having this happen automatically with little if any effort. 

While it has many different names, the most successful method to quit smoking in the world (one of the most common addictions) is through negative autosuggestion.

And if it works for lifelong smokers it can work for other seemingly hopeless habits as well.

Habits like: nail biting, binge eating, alcoholism, etcetera.  

Now What Is Negative Autosuggestion? 
And how do I use it?

The best copywriters in Canada will tell you that basically the opposite of what Rodger Bannister used to run the 4-minute mile.

Instead of telling yourself that; it is possible and HOW you will achieve it.

You tell yourself; how it is impossible and WHY you can’t (or shouldn’t) achieve it.

Some examples maybe a little harsh, but one of my favorites is the

Writing 100X method.

Did you ever get in trouble in school only to have your teacher make you write lines of the same sentence over and over? 

Well now you can write lines in your own free time too! Sound exciting right?

Just wait, the difference is instead of writing what the teacher wants from you, you get to write that which you want most from yourself or your business. 

Some examples of this type of negative repetition used positively are the following:

-I don’t eat fast food because it’s gross and unhealthy.

-I don’t bite my nails because it’s nasty and disgusting. 

-I don’t drink alcohol because I’m not a loser. 

-I don’t hang out with bums because I’m not a bum.

The words you use are important, so choose them carefully. You are going to be repeating them till they become a very part of you.

This may seem a little excessive, but the more you write, the faster and stronger will your message manifest itself in your subconscious, where it is then safe to go about it’s work unconsciously. 

Having used this method myself after learning it from friends who’ve used it successfully themselves, I’m very happy to share it. 

Try it out for yourself today and let us know how it works for you!


Mackenzie Andres.


Founder | Head of Copy


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