Is Marketing A Social Science??

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In a purely academic sense, most Universities would say no. But I would argue yes. Most educational institutions seem to label Marketing as a Commerce subject. But I feel this is misleading for the following reasons:

Having a personal background in the Humanities, and not Business. When I began marketing I felt I had an edge on people with a strictly business related background. Because I already understood through powerful stories & numerous cliches about how people viewed, and interacted, and molded, the human experience. Basically how they perceive the world, and in-turn; Your Product or Service.   

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Marketing falls under the business side of things in most institutions, but under the Humanities and Social Science faculties, along with Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, and Anthropology, I believe people can cultivate a much broader view of the marketing experience. I study history to more carefully weigh and better make decisions that come my way. I also study history to learn people’s reactions to new launches, be they products or ideologies. The successes and outcomes of those launches, their implementations, demography, strategy, proclivity, and so on.. 

I say this because to do well in marketing you must understand first at a deeper level the Way’s, Why’s, and How’s, of human cognitive decision making, more than might a business bloke with a financial or economics background. 

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So, my story is that I barely passed high-school math, as soon as they started adding letters to the numbers I began getting lost. But I can tell you Why The Bible, The Quran, and The Torah work. How they were written. And for What purpose they were popularized. I can show you the affects of the Great War and how that led to the uprising of Nazi Germany.

I could summarize for you how most of Western Civilization is based on the thinking of a couple Greek dudes. Or explain to you how People like Thomas Edison, changed the lives of millions by going off what a man Named Nikola Tesla had already started. Or how Henry Ford saw the automobile as too expensive. And already envisioning a future where everyone could drive, set to create the world’s first assembly line. Thus pioneering the industrial revolution which has led to us all today living more luxuriously than any previous people in history. (Except maybe Plato’s Atlanteans…)

Even when it comes to pricing there are plenty of psychological tactics that can be used to drive sales. 

Eg. the use of the number 9 in a product’s cost can lead to increased sales. An item priced at $39 will outsell the exact same product at both $40 (which is obvious) and $34 (which is surprising). 

Also actively showing an “actual” price and a marked down price on the same price tag will see a greater sales conversion than simply showing the marked down price…

 This is basic psychology. Consumers view saving the money as a reason to buy. In their minds they’re not spending X amount of money, they are saving Y (the difference).

The Marketing Collateral

But this is simple marketing, as old as markets themselves. If we look at some of the better strategies used by bigger marketers in newer times we find they all usually have one common denominator (I know a math term) and that is to change or reinforce human behaviour.

One more time for the brains in the back; At the core of every marketing endeavour is the one single goal: to change or reinforce human behaviour.

Every piece of marketing collateral that The Block Bard produces is intended to connect with that brand’s specific target market at a deep-rooted emotional level. With of course the end and ultimate goal of converting those individuals into consumers of the brand’s product for life!

Depending on your brand’s stance within the current market, its needs regarding its message, visuals, colors, and of course copywriting. An overall offer must be created and distributed in such a way that speaks your message directly to the exact individual we want it to speak to, and reach. And then hammer in their head like a gospel the good news of your brand’s core message to make them loyal customers for life!

Whether you are building awareness for a new brand, new-launch, affinity for a known brand. Or just building more trust and love in an already popular brand, finding the right message requires you start first with the Target Market.

The People!

The Block Bard regards the philosophies of our market before making any message… While also considering cultural beliefs, ideologies and taboos of our audiences. We also consider historical relation, and relevance to our client’s product’s or brand’s position. We use Freud and Jungian archetypes in establishing and selecting our campaigns… Financial theories, trade fluxes, and insights are of course part of it, but are they all of it?

Marketing ultimately comes down to a delicious recipe/concoction, or mix of the following social sciences discussed above.

Bottom line, Marketing is more about people than it is about commerce, so it is in my opinion as one of the best copywriters in Canada, a social science. And I will continue to learn the people, while my Financial Officer continues to learns the markets, teaching to each other what we can along the way!


Mackenzie Andres


Founder | Head of Copy

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