How To Write for the Right Audience

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If you’re selling a restaurant owner a piece of new-age medical equipment, even as one of the best copywriters in Calgary, you’re going to have a hard time. Not only because they don’t run a medical practice and have no need for such equipment, but because they can’t even understand the sales-copy and product descriptions that come with it.

An even better example is the gun and outdoors industry. Having almost a language of its own it’s important to not neglect the culture that surrounds the people participating in said culture. Now, typically you aren’t going to sell guns or work for a gun magazine unless you really like guns. In which case you’re likely already integrated with the lingo and culture.


Take for example my buddy’s ammo company Canada First Ammo Corp. They’ve created these clever and funny comics that everyone in their audience can relate to.

Canada First Amma Corp.

I’m not saying all hunters have been scoped down by a deer. But most have had the association that the word buckshot is awfully similar to the bucks they shoot. Now that someone (a company) has made that association appear before them, they will remember the company all the more for it.

I bet you have some friends who are a little more than enthusiastic about cars. Maybe you are that friend. The only time it seems they are not talking about cars is when they are actually driving. If anyone who hadn’t spent nearly as much time talking about cars tried to sell them something car related they would be in for a slightly rude awakening.


“How much clicks? How’s the handling? What’re you running on? Nice 19’s! How’s the cat?”

All contemporary and cultured slang belonging not to groups of shared particular race, religion, or creed, but similar interest, hobbies and passion. Which advertisers must both respect and admire if they’re to be successful in the delivery of any message.

If you are selling expensive medical equipment. I would probably avoid humour altogether as it is a serious industry. Even when selling plastic toy medical equipment to kids it is probably best to play on the potential seriousness of the equipment/toys. This is because kids (and adults) only believe what they want to believe, and if the kid respects the toys like a doctor does his or hers, they will be that much closer to feeling like a real doctor! The whole reason they wanted the toys in the first place.

Who’s Your Audience?

Students across the globe know that unless they are presenting in front of the class, they almost always have an audience of just 1. The good student knows that impressing his or her teacher is more important for their grade than impressing themselves or their classmates. Some teachers may prefer shorter sentences, while you might remember that one teacher hated the word ‘stuff‘ and omit it from all your future essays. This is based on their personal preferences, or paradigms of living. You must include these personal preferences as best you can into every rubric (formula), for every different audience in your campaign.

And just as a teacher has a formula to more easily grade their student’s efforts. So too does a copywriter have formula’s to grade his or her’s own copy.

But if the best teachers are the ones who teach from the heart and not the formula. Then the best copywriters must be the ones who write with the heart of their audience’s in mind, and not their formulas.

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