$20 Book: Sales Copy Description Ad Example

I saw this Tweet a while back: *”The ridiculously simple math behind $100,000+ per year freelancing:* *- Charge $75/hr (you may need to work up to it, that’s fine)* *- Work 30-35 hrs a week (includes prospecting)* *- Enjoy 4 weeks of vacation each year* *Anyone can do this.”* Really? Do you agree with that?Continue reading “$20 Book: Sales Copy Description Ad Example”

How To Sell Your Art Today: Artist’s Freedom Formula Book Copy Description

Hi, I’m Name and I’m an artist that sells my art every single day of the year, without posting to social media or using galleries. I’ve finally put everything I do, and everything I know about building passionate audiences and selling art online, into a jammed-packed and easy-to-digest ebook called the “_________________”. You can pickContinue reading “How To Sell Your Art Today: Artist’s Freedom Formula Book Copy Description”

Facebook Ads: Funnel Copy for Book Sales

~TOF~ (Top of Funnel) They say if the book you want to read doesn’t exist then you should write it yourself So that’s exactly what our copywriter and CEO did. 50+ of the world’s best books combined into ‘A Simple but Effective Strategy for Success’ ❌ No fluff 🚫 0 Jargon The ultimate book forContinue reading “Facebook Ads: Funnel Copy for Book Sales”

Free Facebook Advertising S.O.P.

There’s a lot of moving pieces to a winning Facebook ad campaign. There’s the offers, landing pages, audiences, ad copies, creatives, campaign strategies, test results, headlines.., So many that if you’re not really good at staying organized you can get lost and end up hurting your long term results. At my agency we have twoContinue reading “Free Facebook Advertising S.O.P.”