3 Deadly Sins Of Email Marketing…

The 3 Deadly Sins Of Email Marketing 😵


Email gets a bad wrap.

It’s not like any kids are dreaming of becoming an email marketer when they grow up lol

If you told your friends you do email marketing for a living, they’d probably give you the ole “damn that sucks for you”…

But they probably don’t know that email marketing generates billions of dollars every year!

You read that right. Billions with a B!

The problem isn’t email marketing, it’s bad marketing in general, and the people who do bad marketing do it in email, social media, advertising… everywhere.

They just suck at marketing and they’ll suck at it no matter what kinda marketing they’re doing!

They give people like me a bad reputation and I’ve had about enough!

When it comes to email, there are some things that MUST be avoided if you don’t want your emails to suck like most of them being sent by other businesses.

Here are the top 3 deadly sins of email marketing:

  1. Just sending sales emails every single time an email is sent.

This should go without saying but I’m consistently surprised by what lands in my inbox.

If all you’re doing is trying to sell stuff and never offering anything of any value, it won’t be long before people stop opening your emails all together.

It should be a top priority to put valuable content in your emails so your readers have a reason to open and read them.

If they aren’t getting anything out of it, they won’t care about anything you have to send them.

  1. Not making any kind of personal connection with the reader

In case you haven’t noticed, marketing has changed a ton over the last number of years and continues to change by the day!

People used to be perfectly happy buying from a brand they trust, but as things progress, “trusted brand” is becoming a bit of an oxymoron.

Nowadays people want to buy from people. They’re aware that there is a real person behind every brand and they don’t want to buy from some faceless organization. They want to know they’re buying from a real person they can trust.

That’s why personal connection is becoming more and more important for success with every passing day.

Anything you can do to show your readers you’re human and relatable will help to improve the response you will get.

A good rule of thumb here is to always put relationships above sales. If you focus on building good relationships with your customers, making sales will never be a problem.

  1. Not sending enough emails

This one might sound counterintuitive, but trust me, it’s a huge mistake that leaves thousands on the table.

I hear it all the time, “I don’t wanna send too many emails and annoy my readers”

I get it.

It makes sense…

…If you’re sending crappy emails that have no real value for the reader.

But if the readers get something they want from reading your emails, they’ll keep coming back again and again and they’ll always be hungry for more!

Think of it this way:

If every time you saw me, I told you about some vague opportunity and asked you for $10, how long would it take for you to get annoyed when I showed up?

But if every time I saw you I gave you $5 for no reason, would you ever get annoyed that I showed up?

Of course not! You’d have to be crazy!

That’s the same idea with email marketing!

If you’re truly focused on giving valuable content to your readers they’ll never get annoyed and they’ll always be happy to open your emails!

And when people get excited to open and read your emails, email marketing gets infinitely easier!

If you’re only sending one email a week, or worse yet, one a month 😱 then your readers will forget who you are and why they signed up to your list.

And if they love your emails they’ll be disappointed to hear from you so rarely.

So don’t skimp on the value, and don’t skimp on the volume. Send plenty of emails and keep your readers engaged and happy!

It really is the secret sauce to great email marketing!

I hope this was useful for you and you are able to put it into action to help improve your results.

If you ever have any questions or if you’re looking for some help with your email marketing, feel free to shoot me a DM and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks for reading! You’re a remarkable human being!

I’ll see ya soon!


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