Marketing Angles: 8 Examples to Copy


The number one reason an ad resonates with its audience, and better yet, continues to resonate for weeks, or even months after, is not the creative… and sadly it’s not the copy either… it’s the Marketing Angles.

Great Marketing Angles set themselves apart from the crowd by touching on human principles of influence from an incredibly creative appoach.

For example: Tai Lopez’s YouTube Ad that almost broke the internet played on many of these principles while coming at its audience from an adept and almost unprecendented angle.

First off, he uses his phone to film a 720p mediocre quality video, when most people watching YouTube ads are use to seeing professional quality commercials. This is part of his angle: “I’m like you, and you can be like me too.”

His “Just in my garage with these Lamborghini’s here.” is his Hook, while “You know what I like more than these Lamborghini’s here? THESE BOOKS.” is his Shocking Statement, to keep his audience enticed and wanting to watch until he reveals more.

Here are 8 Marketing Angle Examples for you to copy and use in your next ad campaign!

Feel Good, Feel Happy

Coca-Cola doesn’t sell sugar water, or caramel coloured poison, quite the opposite actually. They sell Happiness in a bottle.

Classic Coca-Cola Creative

Sugar-drinks and soda, and basically Coca-Cola’s entire industry has been under fire and will continue to be as long as humans have an interest in their health and longevity. Their whole business depends on their ability to remain relevant in modern and moving societies.

Save Time

SaaS (Software as a Service) companies and similar services know this is what they do for their customers. They also know that everyone on planet Earth wants to save time.

Just think of all the other easy Marketing Angles that opens up.

Asana Facebook Ad Example

Save Time so you can spend more time:

  • With your family.
  • With your friends.
  • On your Hobbies.
  • Doing what you love.
  • On what really matters to you.

What do you think matters most to your ideal customers?


Save Money, Have More, Make More

Who doesn’t like money???

This is probably one of the most popular and overdone angles for a reason; because it works!

Wal-Mart Promotional Ad

Reduce Stress

Alcohol Companies love this angle. So do hotels, and the whole vacation industry.

What could be more compelling than unwinding and doing nothing for a week with us at your service?

You can use this angle from a wide variety of approaches including:

Anything is possible with the right Marketing Angle
  • Holistic health,
  • Mental health,
  • Physical health,
  • Relationships,
  • Careers,
  • Yoga,
  • Therapy,

… Et cetera.

Improve Yourself and Make The World a Better Place

You can’t change the world without first changing yourself.

Make people live up to the standards you set for them.

Feminism didn’t kill home-cooking in the West, it was corporations who sought to solve the problem by saying: “Hey, stop fighting, we will cook for the both of you… for money. muahahaha.”

And now they say an impoverished person who cooks at home, is more healthy than an affluent one who hires out their cooking.

Play on people’s ambitions and dreams.

Get Healthy, Get in Shape, Live Long and Have Energy

Theses people probably aren’t even selling cactus pills and cinnamon… They just know what their audience likes to read.

People go crazy over their health… in fact Health, Fitness, and Finance are of the top three interests worldwide. Meaning they are also going to be the easiest to sell!

Almost any kind of healthy food gives you energy.

Almost any kind of sleep routine, from fluffing your pillow, to brushing your teeth, will give you a better sleep, and thus, more energy!

Celebrate a Holiday

Out of all the Marketing and Advertising Angles, this Marketing Angle is one of my favourites, and also happens to be one of the easiest to implement.

Starbucks Christmas Campaign

Baby Yoda released just before Christmas in 2020 and was all over the internet. Giving Disney the free advertising and publicity they used to make a 70 billion dollar franchise, even bigger.

Thanks to The Mandalorian releasing in November, a month before Christmas, Star Wars toy sales were up 70 percent in the last year.

Simply the sight of this Starbucks Ad makes me feel festive. And ready to spend money I probably shouldn’t…

Create Controversy

Stir the pot! All publicity is good publicity! Dove released an undoubtedly racist ad earlier this year they knew would have people talking about their brand.

Nike, the year before releases a ‘toxic masculinity’ campaign they knew would have their customers screaming.

This ad below probably isn’t even allowed in Canada or the United States.

French Anti-Smoking Ad

Sometimes cliches are… well, cliches for a reason. That reason? Because they’re usually true. For example, If Donald Trump’s opposition hadn’t spent so much time giving him free publicity and putting his face everywhere he might’ve lost the 2016 election. The same goes for sports scandals and basically anything else that brings traffic and attention to a certain person/company.


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