Free Webinar –How Good Are Your Story Openings?

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Every speaker and writer strives to capture their reader from the first page, gripping them with an opening that won’t let go. To ensnare your readers with your opening, make sure you register for this week’s free webinar on how to start a story.

I am joined by the author and editor ___________ ____________ for this Wednesday’s Reedy Live. She will reveal her top techniques for creating compelling story beginnings, including:

Where to open;
How to open;
Establishing your central conflict;
Introducing your characters; and
Avoiding mistakes that weaken your opening.

Insert Date, Time, and World Times


There will also be a Q&A at the end of ___________’s presentation, so make sure you sign up for instructions on how to tune in live. Note: the confirmation email will also have a link to the replay ⏮

If you’re the sort of storyteller whose stories often have beginnings 😉 then you won’t want to miss this webinar!

See you on Wednesday!

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