Copywriting 101 – This is kinda weird… but plz read it

You know what they say about people with big socks don’t you, Prospect Name?

That’s right.

Big feet.

The same thing doesn’t apply to big words though.

​If you think using big, scholarly-sounding words in your copy makes you sound super smart…

You’ve been told a lie, Prospect Name. A LIE, I tell you!

Because the truth is: bamboozling your readers with words like…




Or even just

Facilitative, pertaining, unencumbered or furthermore.

…is almost GUARANTEED to backfire on you.

According to one Princeton study:

“Anything that makes a text hard to read & understand, such as unnecessarily long words or complicated fonts, will lower readers’ evaluations of the text & its author.”


Using complex words MAKES YOU LOOK DUMBER!

Whodda thunk it?


So when you sit down to write, always pick the simple word over the complex word.

Here’s a handy list of complex words and their friendlier, easier, less obscure pals.


LESSON: Write simply. Sound smarter.

To your success, Prospect Name!

Your Name (The Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobic)



MEANING: Someone with a fear of long words. ​

  • Sesquipedalian

MEANING: Someone who loves using long words

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