Copywriting: I promise it’s worth it …

Ever get writing envy, Prospect Name?

Like when you’re scanning an article and you happen upon a ridiculously smart or beautiful sentence that makes you inwardly — GASP! — with admiration…

… You, too? 🤩

Once upon a time, I’d exhale loudly, and think, “Jeez, I could never write like that’.

​Then I remembered that limiting beliefs SUCK.

And instead, I got practical and created…


Since then it’s become my secret writing weapon.

Let me explain.

I have a (permanently open) google doc titled COOL SENTENCES AND METAPHORS.

Every time I read something awesome, I dump it in.

No formatting. No fussing. Just cut and paste. Bank for later.

It’s essentially a swipe file.

Then, when I’m writing, and find myself lost for words (which is totally normal and happens to everyone!)…

… Or I can’t find the precise turn of phrase I’m looking for — I run my eyes over the page.

​Something ALWAYS leaps out at me.


A visually stunning sentence. A wildly intricate description. A head-jerking metaphor.

And it will untangle my clunky thought processes, inspire a fresh idea, or even clear a hard-to-budge creative jam.

Swipe files come all in shapes and sizes — this is just one version that works for me.

It’s never too late to start your own version of the COOL SENTENCE BANK, either. And I promise, it’s worth it.

(You might want to give yours a better name, though!)

… Because you never know when you might need it next.

So fire up a blank document, or luxe it up with an online tool like Evernote — and see where it takes you next time you’re stumped for words.

  • Your Name

P.S. What do you think, Prospect Name Do you have something similar? Do you think this would help you?

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