Copywriting Tips: How this nervous rookie earned $50,000 from one case study

Back in 2014, I had a client who wanted me to write them a case study.

I’d never worked with a company that bred regenerating perennial ryegrass before (don’t even ask). Nor had I’d ever written a case study…

So at first, I said no… who the pumpkin-spiced-latte was I to write about something I had ZERO knowledge of?​ ​

Long story short, Prospect Name – they gave me the job anyway.

(Lesson: If you don’t know something, OWN IT. Skills are learned and enthusiasm regularly beats experience.)

And I ended up writing 46 more of those bad boys over the next few years, earning a pretty sweet £800 a pop. That’s £37,600 in total – which is just shy of $50,000.

$50k… Not bad for a rookie, eh? Especially given I was this close to not doing it.

👍 The thing is, case studies are a peachy opportunity for copywriters in all industries — and they’re only getting more popular as businesses move online (lookin’ at you COVID) and want social proof to stand out and earn the trust of more customers.

👍 Not only that but when you work with the same client as I did, case studies reward you for getting better and swifter. They’re generally a fixed-price project. So your bang for buck dramatically increases as you become au fait with the ins ‘n’ outs of your clients business.

👍 THEN, there’s the deeply delicious fact that your clients’ suppliers (and sometimes competitors) might read those case studies… and ask you to write theirs, too.

👍 This is especially likely if the niche is a bit random like mine was. I mean how many copywriters do you know with expertise in seed enhancement and determinate stolons? Exactly. I became hot-hot-HOT property.

👍 And did I mention that case studies are a highly profitable marketing asset? They earn your client’s cold hard cash, over and over again. So there’s almost always a line in the budget sheet set aside for this kind of content.

👍 My client’s 7-figure business doubled in revenue during the years I worked with them. Not sayin’ it was all down to my case studies (ha!), but you can imagine the testimonial they wrote for me. Win-win for him. Powerful stuff for my business, too, wouldn’t you say?

So you can see where I got the idea to niche down into case studies from, can’t you? And the rest, as they say, is a dusty history book in the library.

To easy copywriting projects that lead to bigger bank balances, right?

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