Life Coach Going Live: 36 hour warning & surprise Live

We’ll make this really quick Prospect Name. (2 points in 27 seconds)

1. Wanted to warn you that if you’re ready for your next level and are planning on joining YOUR NAME for the INSERT DATE INSERT PROGRAM/SERVICE, it’s getting down to decision time since this offer closes tomorrow.

This is our best price ever plus 3 powerful bonuses you won’t see anywhere else…

Reserve your seat or schedule a time to talk to a team member by clicking here.

2. We are doing a surprise LIVE TODAY at 11AM PT | 2PM ET.

We heard from thousands of you around the world that you need Your Name’s words now more than ever, so in addition to the replay still being available, we are hosting a “best of Your Name’s training moments” with a LIVE Q&A session TODAY…

PLUS: We will have a very special guest (one of Your Name’s best friends) joining live today! He’s a __________________ best selling author and super successful ___________________, husband, and father and he’s pulling back the curtain to reveal a personal story he has never shared publicly before.

You can use this link to join us today at 11am Pacific time.

See you in a few hours!

Your Team/Company Name

P.S. Watch the replay, grab a ticket to Program/Service, or schedule a time to talk to one of Tony’s team members to get any questions answered.

All three of those options are available by clicking here

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