$5.36 (CPM) Cost Per Message (Quote Inquiry)


Before TBB, WindowVia was operating with an outdated approach to marketing and sales. The presence of many all-over-the-place, disparate systems, resulted in a weakened approach that had many inaccuracies and inefficiencies. The customer journey was fragmented, with inconsistent messaging (copywriting) across different stages of ‘The Buyer’s Journey’. On a functional level, too, marketing and sales were experiencing their own issues.

From a marketing perspective, there was little clarity of information around leads and how to track them. While the website was attracting leads, it was failing to close them… “One prospect even went so far as to compliment my website without even buying the service!” Says, WindowVia Owner: Dan R.

Lead generation is where all revenue growth begins. “The lack of sales predictability and the challenge of converting a lead into a customer, be it a consumer or business, is a top concern companies of all sizes face.” says Salvatore Minetti, CEO at Fountech Ventures.

As a marketer, you need to know exactly how well your strategies are working (or not) in order to find ways to improve and optimize. Let’s break the measurement process down to some simple steps.

What they wanted

1. Increase conversion rate to a profitable level.

2. Get Business Contracts (B2B Sales) By targeting more qualified leads.

3. Implement and test new ideas Like CRM management, Customer review funnels, Fixed Quotes, and Varied Pricing, et cetera to see which gets the best conversions.

What we Did

1. Created and restructured previous brand copywriting in order to maximize customer understanding, ease of access, AND interest, during ‘The Buyer’s Journey’ by providing One-Liner/Slogan, Company description/Message, and different forms of trial and error Ad-Copy, and Pricing Techniques.

2. Created Target Audience (Lead List).

3. Tested different Ad-Objectives, and measured their performance for comparison such as: Get More Messages, Get More Page Likes, Get More Website Clicks, Etc.

How it worked

  • Cost Per Message ranged from $5.63 – $8.46, This means per $175 spent on Ads, 31 messages would be sent. And if they close just 10 (30%) of those leads on a minimum service of $200, that is $2000 in revenue per $175 spent!

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