500-800% ROAS (Return On Ad Spend)

Candle.WTF an E-Commerce brand and Client of Pinnacle Media Agency’s had TBB write and monitor their latest Facebook Ad campaign.

The results were so outstanding we had to publish them here!

The Average ROAS, that is if you’re store/website and branding are on par is between 200 – 400% meaning you can expect to earn back at least $2 dollars for every $1 dollar spent on direct advertising.

This number of course varies between industry and ad campaign but this was Candle.WTF’s most successful return yet advertising with Facebook with the help of both an E-Commerce and Advertising agency.

With Pinnacle Media’s digital agency and media expertise, along with The Block Bard’s personal touch and brand-building ads, customers quickly gobbled up the candles like crazy!

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You’ll Be Glad You Did 😉

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