How To Stop SELLING and Start SERVING Today!

Writing this in a +36 degree celsius office without AC has got me thinking immensely about why I do this, instead of doing some more meditative work outside in the wind and shade.

*Update March 2022: We got an AC unit…

First off, because we have the freedom to not work from here, we could sit by the river tethering wifi from our phones to our laptops just as easily. But there is a time for fun, and a time for work. Mixing these will have you lacking in both areas; as Confucius said:

“He who chases two rabbits catches none.”

This is the same for selling and serving. Mixing the two will leave you without any rabbits for your stew which is in this case of course your business; the rabbits being your clients. (There’s probably a better analogy somewhere back there, but in this case we’re cooking our clients some killer advertisements, so they have to hop in the pot).

Why it Doesn’t Work

People who see everyone as ‘just someone to sell to‘ reek of this preachy, almost desperation, to simply close a sale or push a product with every person they meet.

It’s incredibly counter-intuitive because the harder these folk push their product or service, the less sales they get indefinitely.

But what happens when they switch to service mode? And discuss project benefits, scope, return, and pretty much everything else before finally getting into pricing? I’ll tell you what happens; the price is always right. It’s justified. The customer doesn’t counter. They are not being sold, they’re simply buying. And people love to buy.

This is also why we use nice round numbers for pricing at The Block Bard because we know numbers like 12.37 are in most cases completely made up, and fallible to pricing formulas, which can always be questioned.

In the world of advertising you see things for what they’re truly worth, and have a hard-time paying for things at their MSRP (manufactured sales retail price) when you know their marked up by at least 1000% percent or more sometimes…

Companies with mark ups like these’ only protection is monopoly through competitive regulation. Meaning you can pay a couple hundred dollars for a diamond, and sell it for thousands, because you’ve made a deal with other diamond places to both hide your supplier, and keep your prices high.

Back to Serving

When you sincerely focus on how you can help, by listening first, and pitching your services later, it builds that trust and authority so needed to close the sale just moments after.


Mackenzie Andres


Author | Head of Copy

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